To all our High Achieving Students …Time to Celebrate!

After an academic year of work and study, yes, now it is time to chill out …


Business Entrepreneurship & Finance

Saint Martin’s follows the International Standards of Classification at Distinction — Credit — Merit & Pass in this order of achievement.

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Students are graduating in;

Diploma in Entrepreneurship
Diploma in Finance
Diploma in Management & Leadership

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The Achievers

Congratulations to Andrea, Angel, Ariam, Ayah, Brando, Claire, Francesco, Jasmine, Maria, Nader, Qi, Ruby, Shada, Sophie & Xiaobo for their achievement of a Distinction in their respective Diploma! You deserve a big applause!

Well done to Aldo (Credit), Andrew (Credit), Daria (Credit), Ema (Credit), Esther (Credit), Fynn (Merit), Khawla (Credit), Ludovic (Credit), Malek (Credit), Mattia (Pass), Melissa (Credit), Michaela (Credit), Nadja (Credit), Nicole (Merit), Veronica (Merit) & Zhen Hao (Credit).

Further confirmation on our standards … check our UOL 2018 results!

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Congratulations to Benjamin (Credit), Brandon (Distinction), Christopher (Distinction), Joseph (Merit),
Samantha (Distinction) & Thomas (distinction).

Well done to all these students who made such an effort and excelled in their studies!

That’s DONE!

Students read the following MQF level 5 Diploma in Computing at SMI;

Diploma in Computing
Diploma in Computing with Information Systems
Diploma in Computing with eBusiness & Digital Marketing
Diploma in Computing with Games Design & Development
Diploma in Computing with User Experience
Diploma in Computing with Web Development
Diploma in Computing with/and Finance (FinTech)

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The Awarding Process

Graduate with a University that is ranked among the top thirty in the world, whilst living in Malta.

Are we Serious?

All examination scripts are checked, scanned and marked by two examiners, independent from each other. Any variations in marks are moderated by the department head. After the faculty approves the final marks, the scripts are prepared for audit by the external examiners.

A regular check up by Academics from other Universities

Saint Martin’s Institute also believes that students should not be left waiting for their results, especially since these are necessary to apply for further studies. Saint Martin’s Institute publishes results within four weeks from the start of the examinations!

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What’s next — Graduation of Course

All students who successfully finish their studies will celebrate their milestone during the Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education Graduation Ceremony that will take place on Friday, August 30th, at the Corinthia Palace, Attard.

The 2016 SMI graduation ceremony for students who had read for the MQF level 5 diplomas that led to the MQF level 6 degrees awarded by the University of London.

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You will graduate from one of the most renowned Universities in the world, opening up opportunities both for work as well as for further studies;

A pay as you go system, with easy payment terms and income tax refunds to ascertain that you will benefit from your parents’ or your own income tax contribution. After all, charity begins at home;

Tuition fees for children of expatriate parents settled in Malta are the same as EU student fees;

We will do our very best to mentor you to succeed;

If monthly payments are stifling on your parents’/legal guardian’s or your own disposable income, we can provide you with assistance through the SMIFlexiPay™plan — paying your fees at just €100 every month.

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