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Education is all about stretching oneself and trying to do your very best in a limited time frame to impress a panel of examiners! When the results are published there is always that moment of apprehension for students and their teachers about whether the work put in during the year will bear the desired results. And hopefully, soon after one experiences an outburst of sheer elation and joy on achieving what is expected and wished for.

An Institution that has as its main value a pure joy towards educating and teaching others!

We wish to congratulate ALL our students who again make us proud through their achievements and place Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education as one of the major teaching institutions in the University of London global network. Seriously, all students, whatever their achievement would have stretched themselves and score beyond their imagination and merit the accolade they deserve. WELL DONE ALL!

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9% of SMI graduates have attained a First Class Honours, whilst 45% and 33% attained a second class upper and lower classification.

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Calibrating academic effort

Institutions such as Saint Martin’s find the issuance of results by an independent and authoritative examining body such as the University of London as very important to be able to assess its progress in preparing students towards their careers. Learning is the accumulation of knowledge and competences, and Saint Martin’s has mustered a team of top class academics who can assimilate a syllabus that prepares successful graduates for the needs of the work place. The fact that the Institute’s students are assessed by the University examining boards means that students are being challenged to compete with the best students the world over, and not simply competing inwardly among this minute population in Malta.

As an Institute we have quality education at heart. If you wish to know more about how quality assurance in education is developing in Malta, you may wish to read further on the subject by clicking here.

Universities and Institutions do not fashion their syllabus simply upon the present demands of employers, but academic institutions build their curriculum keeping in mind that students will be graduating after three to five years, and the market will have dramatically changed by the time they join the work force.

University of London International Programmes Graduation Ceremony at the Barbican, London

Students who joined the world renowned University of London would have read for one of the MQF level 5 Diplomas awarded by Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education. These results also act as the barometer to ascertain that the same rigour as expected by the University of London is exercised during the first year of the students’ experience. The fact that students who attained a distinction in their Diploma in Entrepreneurship are among those attaining Distinctions in the University of London examinations illustrate the parity between the assessment of the Institute when compared with the University of London examining boards. Interested? Click Here

The University of London is the examining body

These examination papers are set and corrected by the University of London examining boards, and invigilated by the Registrar of Examinations of the Ministry of Education and Employment. The academics teaching at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education which is an Affiliate Institution of the University, have the responsibility to teach students in preparation for the final examinations. These results are therefore proof of the exceptional quality of teaching and mentoring that goes on at the Institute.

Time of reckoning

All results have now been published, and with pride, we announce a very positive achievement rate of our students when sitting for University of London examinations. We will deal with each Lead College examinations.

The Economics, Management, Finance & Social Sciences Degrees Led by the London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE)

A total of 135 examination papers were sat by Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education students in May, 2017.

Sitting for examinations set and marked by examination boards from the LSE is no easy task, and yet, 80% of students who sat for their examinations have passed. 4% attained a distinction and 26% a credit, meaning that over 30% of students have attained top marks from this very prestigious examination board.

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7% of students who finished their University of London degree under the academic direction attained a first class honours classification, with a further 29% attaining a classification of second upper. just under half of the students finishing their degree this year attained a second lower classification from this highly acknowledged member college of the University of London.

The LSE Old Building Facade

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is a member of the University of London federation and provides academic direction to a portfolio of degrees in Economics, Management, Finance and Social Science. Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education teaches for a number of these degrees, namely Accounting & Finance, Banking & Finance, Business & Management, Economics & Management, and Digital Innovation & Management.

If you wish to know more about the ranking and prestige of the London School of Economics and Political Science, including what degrees are on offer, please read all about it here.

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Business Administration Degrees under the Academic Direction of Royal Hollway

Results have been published for the BSc (Hons) Business Administration papers, with 128 papers having been sat by Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education students.

Passing University of London is not easy, let alone attaining such high grades

The adjoining chart shows the very high attainment at the top two grades, with 74% of all papers sat achieving either a distinction (a quarter of all papers) or a credit (just under half of the papers). Only 4% of sat papers were deemed not to have achieved the necessary pass mark.

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The achievement of graduates from the University of London Degree

11% of the Institute’s students who have finished their degree this year have achieved a first class honours, whilst 67% have achieved a second upper classification at honours. This means that over 75% of the students graduating this year who may aspire to continue to read for a degree at postgraduate are free to do so at any top University world-wide. And these graduates are already in productive employment. Interested in joining for October 2018? Click Here

The BSc (Hons) Business Administration led by the Royal Holloway, University of London

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is proud to offer Maltese and International students the opportunity to read for the BSc (Hons) in Business Administration over two academic years with the options to specialise in;

Human Resources;

International Business;


These degrees are read after students would have completed the Diploma in Entrepreneurship over one academic year, they will receive an automatic approved prior learning progression into the second year of the degree.

It is an honour for Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education to have such a position of trust by an Institution that ranks #173 in the Times Education World Ranking and #27 in the United Kingdom. Students who opt to read for their BSc (hons) Business Administration Degree at Saint Martin’s thus have a guaranteed standard of education that will lead to a degree recognized world wide through the conferment by such a prestigious Institution.

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Computing under the academic direction of Goldsmiths College, University of London

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education has been involved in the teaching of computing since 1985, and providing students to read for MQF level 5 and level 6 programmes since 1995.

Students have been prepared to sit for University of London examinations under the academic direction of Goldsmiths College, a member of the University of London Federation since the year 2000. Students read for degrees in Computing & Information Systems or Creative Computing.

These are the results achieved this year at every level in computing as a percentage of 242 examination papers sat by Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education students last May 2017.

One can deduce from the graph that 42% of students achieved either a distinction or a credit, the highest two grades attainable, whilst a total of 85% of students who sat for the examinations passed their paper.

This year students scored some exceptional grades. For example, a student scored 99% in Mathematics for Computing, whilst another student scored 98% in Object Oriented Programming using Java and another five students that scored more than 90% in their respective papers. The examinations are set and marked by the examination boards from the lead college and examinations are organised by the Registrar of Examinations, Ministry of Education and Employment.

The classifications illustrated in the adjoining graph signify the high quality education taking place at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, with the vast majority of students attaining a classification over Second Lower, with 10% attaining a First Class Honours and 50% attaining a Second Class Upper classification. This means that 60% of our graduates may choose to read for a postgraduate degree at any top University.

Nine students have been awarded a total of twelve Academic Achievement Awards for the May 2017 examination session. Check this out here.

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You will graduate from one of the most renowned Universities in the world, opening up opportunities both for work as well as for further studies;

A pay as you go system, with easy payment terms and income tax refunds to ascertain that you will benefit from your parents’ own income tax contribution. After all, charity begins at home!

You do not have to pay for any private lessons or help outside the Institute. We guarantee that you will get all the mentoring that is necessary by the Institute’s academic staff.

If monthly payments are stifling on your parents’/legal guardian’s disposable income, we can provide you with assistance through the SMIFlexiPay™plan.

SMI Graduation 2017

Students who are to be conferred by the world renowned University of London on March 6th, 2018 are alumni of Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education for their MQF level 5 diploma that is equivalent and replaces the first year of the University of London Degree.

Read all about the SMI Graduation Ceremony and the many achievements attained by our students for 2017 here. Quality education attracts top quality students who make a choice for valued education globally #ValuED and where they are assured they are given the required attention because our students are #NotJustANumber!

Mr Craig O’Callaghan, Deputy CEO and Chief Operating Officer of the University of London International Programme

Applications are open

Students may apply to join the 2018–2021 cohort of students by completing the application form and submitting to the Registrar’s Office at Saint Martin’s Institute (via email on or in person.

Prospectuses may be downloaded from our website

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Choose wisely for everlasting recognition and a programme that develops your knowledge and competences. #StartMyInspiration

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