Games Development Challenge

the 9th edition

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is pleased to launch the 9th edition of the Games Development Challenge (GDC). The challenge offers small teams of students who wish to learn how to design and develop computer games in a professional manner and the opportunity to compete and win bragging rights of the best game for the year, plus cash and other sponsored prizes.

The Games Development Challenge is an annual extracurricular event organised by Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education since the year 2009, offering students from different schools and colleges, both local and international, to learn and compete in developing the best computer game from scratch, in a span of four months.

Transform your passion for computer games

The winning game for 8th edition of GDC ‘Tick Toss’ by Digital Cauldron

GDC is open for teams made up of individuals who are 16 years or older and who would love to learn what it takes to design and develop a game from scratch. The challenge initiates in July and the team is able to work on the concept, assisted by a mentor, until the final upload in November 2018. Teams work in their own time, and individual members are invited to attend workshops that focus on the different aspects in game design and development that are offered in the evening during weekdays.

High Rise, the casual game developed by team ‘bloc’ won GDC 7th edition in 2016

Registrations are accepted by individuals, who will be assisted to join a team by the organisers. Teams may also register and test their abilities in the challenge. Each member must register as an individuals and inform the organisers of the team name and membership.

Tuition & Mentoring

Jim Brown, an 18 year veteran in video games, entered into the video games industry as a games tester in 1999 and worked up from the bottom gaining experience in game design, digital development, project management and operations. Jim was formerly a studio director with 90+ staff producing titles that include Colin McRae, Operation Flashpoint, Sonic the Hedgehog, Condemned, Rome: Total War, Star Trek, D&D, Lord of the Rings, Formula1. Jim Brown is a graduate in Economics and Politics, and he has on a number of occasions led the international judging team for the GDC.

All workshops are carried out by experts in the field of computer games design and development. The workshop sessions will cover the following;

Project Management & Team Dynamics

Concept Art

Anything visual starts from an idea. But ideas are frivolous.They can either vanish or be developed into concepts which would later evolve into something visually exciting. This course analyzes artworks which have been developed over the years and answers the question: What is a concept? This exercise, accompanied by hands-on elements, provides a solid basis for understanding and simplifying the complexity of concept art in contemporary art practice.

Technical Art

Creating a basic shape, evolving this shape and giving it context is the accepted rule of evolving any asset, from characters to backgrounds, in the world of animation and games. This course guides the student through a series of hands-on exercises which evolve slowly in complexity, giving the student the skills to understand the workings of Adobe illustrator and its malleability in asset generation.

Game Design

A game needs to be challenging and fun. We cover approaches and tools to help you design your game to make players feel competent and engaged with increased replayability.

Game Development using Unity

Every game follows a set of rules and computer games are no exception. We shall be looking at how one can script the game world to respond appropriately inputs given by the player using one of the industry’s leading game engines for Indie games (Unity). We shall also showcase how Unity helps developers to bring game mechanics, art assets, animations, user interfaces, sound effects and music together into one cohesive game project.

Sound FX

Getting immersed in a game is not just about visuals, it needs matching sound effects, dialogue, ambient sound, and music. We highlight these issues and present tools with which to make/modify your game’s sound assets.


Part of game development involves testing out the programmes to ensure the products delivered to the customers are as free of defects as possible. This section gives an insight into the importance and process of Quality Assurance within the gaming industry.

Mobile Interaction Design

The mobile gaming industry is worth $90B in 2018. Mobile interaction cannot go ignored when designing new games. The aim of this session is to introduce participants to the thought process that is required for mobile app development. This session covers the sensors found in a mobile device, users’ expectations of such devices and how mobile devices have been changing. This leads to the exploration of gestures and interaction principles on mobile.


Students who have never learned how to design and develop a computer game before, should opt for the Full Package that costs one hundred and seventy five Euro (€175) ONLY.

Some participants prefer to attend the boot-camp/workshops only, without participating in the competition, in which case the fee is of one hundred and twenty Euro (€145), whilst those who are participating only in the competition, the participation fee is of fifty five Euro (€75).

Mr Ryan Sammut is following a career with Betsson after graduating with first class honours in BSc Creative Computing, conferred by the University of London. Mr Sammut was the recipient of the Academic Achievement award by the University for his year, and his dissertation received mention by the Board of Examiners. Ryan, together with a number of other SMI students participated in GameZing, a national Games Development competition and came second.

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An Information Meeting will be organised at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, New Building, Room 034 on Monday, 16th July 2018 at 6:00 pm.

In the meantime, if you require assistance, don’t hesitate to call on +356 2123 5451 or email on

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Students interested in a career in Computer Games may wish to embark on an MQF level 5 Diploma in Computing with Games Design & Development that may be studied on full time, or as an evening student. Successful graduates may also opt to progress to an MQF level 6 BSc (Hons) in Computing with Games Design & Development.

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