Graduate of the University of London

The 1858 Charter paved the way to delivering education around the world

The University of London’s reputation for academic excellence builds upon the outstanding teaching and research of the Member Institutions over the decades ever since 1836 when Queen Victoria conferred upon the University its first Royal Charter. In 1858 the University received a second charter, allowing it to offer the opportunity for students (mostly military personnel) posted throughout the world, to read for University of London degrees without necessarily attending classes in London. Thus the University of London conceived learning at a distance way back in the 19th century.

HRH Princess Anne, the Chancellor of the University of London, presides over the Graduation Ceremony

The quality of the programmed is underpinned by the quality of the assessment. With more than 600 examination centres around the world, students take examinations that are set and marked by the University of London Board of Examiners. Assessment is the responsibility of academics from the Member Institutions of the University providing academic direction to the study programme.

This approach ensures that a University of London award always attests to high academic standards, irrespective of where or how a student has studied. The University of London International Programme has been successfully audited by the Quality Assurance Agency for the UK, which delivered the highest judgement of confidence.

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Welcome to the World Class

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education has presented graduates since 2004, four years after it started to provide lectures for the BSc (Hons) Computing & Information Systems that is still running to this very day. Every year, in March, it is of great satisfaction and pride to experience the Maltese graduates culminating their efforts during the years, in achieving very high classifications and on many years, achievement awards.

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The first group of graduates in BSc (Hons) Creative Computing during graduation ceremony 2010

Solid preparation for a life long career

Graduating with the University of London prepares you for a life time of achievement. The rigour of each of the degrees provides the foundations necessary to face the challenges of a work career, as well as provide the academic substance upon which students may opt to embark on further postgraduate studies even up to doctorate level.

Whilst the University of London provides the framework, Saint Martin’s academics flesh out this framework to build an educational experience that is second to none.

The Institute follows the Jacques Delors four pillars of education of attaining knowledge — learn how to use the knowledge — learn how to work with others — and attain self fulfillment by contributing to the well-being of society. The Institute follows a pedagogy of teaching and practical workshops, that provide students the ability to hone their soft-skills, so necessary to success at the work place. It is with great pride that students reading for their higher education at the Institute have gone on to win national and international student competitions both in Malta and overseas. Interested Click Here

The GameZing National Competition was won two years in a row by a Saint Martin’s Institute team in building a digital game
The Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education Team INTACT winning the 2017 JAYE Start Up Competition and the JA European Enterprise 2017 Competition.
Cecilia Mzayek and Luke Baldacchino winning the JAYE Start-Up Competition 2018

Team Celuna are the last major success for the Institute, participating in the JAYE Start-Up Competition for 2018 and winning the coveted prize. The team was made up of Luke Baldacchino, a Diploma in Entrepreneurship student and Cecilia Mzayeck, a first year student in the BSc (Hons) Creative Computing programme. The different educational backgrounds encouraging different skills and competences to join and set up teams to illustrate innovation and entrepreneurship is another stance of the Institute to follow the Delors pillars of education that is paying dividends for the Institute’s students’ attainment in all aspects of life — presentation skills in front of different audiences, holding meetings, preparing documentation, carrying out market research, developing artefacts from brochures and display stands, to digital artefacts such as website, facebook page, video and audio commercials and so much more.

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Break through Your glass ceiling

Every individual has abilities inherent as a human being. Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, in tandem with the University of London, has learnt that the most important goal is to assist a freshman to believe in himself or herself. By giving a sense of security that is pervasive at Saint Martin’s Institute emanating from the years of achievements and the inculcation of a culture towards excellence, students start to feel a sense of confidence as soon as they detect their own progress guided by their tutors. This culture has transformed innumerable students who thought themselves as failures into achievers, some of whom went on to successfully read their master degree whilst others even read for their doctorate degrees. Interested Click Here

William and Andrea taking a selfie to commemorate their achievement!

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Every year you postpone your decision to study …

is a year wasted. The University of London provides flexibility with a minimum period by which any student can graduate being three full years of study (according to the European Qualifications Framework, students must read for 60 ECTS per year with a minimum of 300 hours of face to face contact with their tutors, and a degree must have a minimum of 180 ECTS for it to be a recognized degree within the European Union) but gives the flexibility of a maximum of eight years. Many students needed to interrupt their studies due to life circumstances, whilst others decided to take it slower mostly due to family necessities — especially those who study in the evening whilst keeping their job.

And it will only cost you €100 per month in addition to the GetQualified Tax Rebate. Learn more

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