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Marketing is the delivery of customer satisfaction at a profit

The most basic concept underlying marketing is the human need, which is a felt deprivation. These include both physical needs for food, clothing, warmth, safety, and social needs for belonging, knowledge and self-expression. These needs haven’t been identified by marketers, they are physiological needs which every human being feels.

Wants are the form that human needs take as they are shaped by culture and individual personality. For example, the need for food is felt by every human being, but an American snacks on a burger, fries and soft-drink, whilst an Italian may opt for a pizza and fizzy water, the French opt for a baguette, cheese and a glass of wine, the Chinese look for noodles and the Maltese would yearn for a couple of pastizzi and a Kinnie®. Each nationality, through cultural development, opt to satisfy their needs through different instinctive actions.

People have almost unlimited wants but limited resources. People wish to choose products that provide the most value and satisfaction for their money. When backed by buying power, wants become demands. Customers view products as bundles of benefits and choose products that give them the best bundle for their money. This takes us back to the development process of an innovative product, with the core product or service tackling the main benefits to the prospective customer, and the actual product being made up of bundled features which together with the augmented features to the product, make an attractive proposition at the right (profitable to the business) price to the customer who is seeking value for money.

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BSc (Hons) Business Administration with Marketing

Graduate by the University of London under the academic leadership of the Royal Holloway, University of London.

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is an Affiliate of the University of London and for these past seventeen years has been accepting Maltese and international students to read for their University of London degrees at the Institute. Thus, Maltese students have the advantage of reading for a world renowned University of London (a reputable seat of learning for over two centuries) without having to live in London and commit substantial expense for tuition fees and living expenses, but can read for the degree in the environment they are used to. International students on the other hand, whilst still having to relocate, find tuition fees and living costs cheaper in Malta.

The degree is a three academic year and you graduate with honours to be offered this October 2017. Students will be exposed to all the fundamental subjects that make for a well-rounded undergraduate degree in Marketing, including hands on experience with digital marketing and e-business in our creative computing lab, mentored by experienced media experts.

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Requirements for Admission

The University accepts students who have either achieved;

an Awarded Matriculation Certificate (subject independent);
or two A-Levels grades A-C;
and four O-Levels grades 1–5.

If a student does not possess the exact combination as per above, the Institute offers a route to the degree through a Malta Qualification Framework (MQF) level 5 Diploma in Entrepreneurship that satisfies the entry requirements for the University and offers automatic Approved Prior Learning from four first year study units.

The University of London also considers other qualifications as appropriate and equivalent to its entry requirements.

A Centre of Excellence

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is an educational institution that is constantly seeking to excel on behalf of its students’ well-being. The Institute is a community of over two hundred students and thirty members of staff, with a staff complement of twenty two full time academics.

The dedication towards our students is reflected in the results that they achieve in their University exams.

Results for 2017 have been published for the BSc (Hons) Business Administration papers, with 128 papers having been sat by Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education students.

Passing University of London is not easy, let alone attaining such high grades

The adjoining chart shows the very high attainment at the top two grades, with 74% of all papers sat achieving either a distinction (a quarter of all papers) or a credit (just under half of the papers). Only 4% of sat papers were deemed not to have achieved the necessary pass mark.

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The University of London is the examining body

These examination papers are set and corrected by the University of London examining boards, and invigilated by the Registrar of Examinations of the Ministry of Education and Employment. The academics teaching at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education which is an Affiliate Institution of the University, have the responsibility to teach students in preparation for the final examinations. These results are therefore proof of the exceptional quality of teaching and mentoring that goes on at the Institute.

The achievement of graduates from the University of London Degree

11% of the Institute’s students who have finished their degree in Business Administration this year, have achieved a first class honours, whilst 67% have achieved a second upper classification at honours. This means that over 75% of the students graduating this year who may aspire to continue to read for a degree at postgraduate are free to do so at any top University world-wide. And these graduates are already in productive employment. Interested? Click Here

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And you ALSO qualify for stipends and maintenance grants if you are a full time student.


You will graduate from one of the most renowned Universities in the world, opening up opportunities both for work as well as for further studies;
A pay as you go system, with easy payment terms and income tax refunds to ascertain that you will benefit from your parents’ own or your future income tax contribution. After all, charity begins at home!
You do not have to pay for any private lessons or help outside the Institute. We guarantee that you will get all the mentoring that is necessary by the Institute’s academic staff.
If monthly payments are stifling on your parents’ disposable income, we can provide you with assistance through the SMIFlexiPay™plan where either they start paying €75 per month or you may even opt for €0 payment and pay all dues when you are in employment.

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Applications are open

Students may apply to join the 2017–2020 cohort of students by completing the application form and submitting to the Registrar’s Office at Saint Martin’s Institute (via email on or in person this week.

Prospectuses may be downloaded from our website.

If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on +356 2123 5451 or via email on or request a meeting by clicking here.

Choose wisely for everlasting recognition and a programme that develops your knowledge and competences. #StartMyImagination

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