Meet our Alumni — Andrea & Wilbert

Mr Andrea Schembri and Mr Wilbert Tabone, were worlds apart before meeting at the Graduation Ceremony of the University of London at the Barbican in 2016. They both read their degree as students of Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, under the academic direction of Goldsmiths College. Both graduated with a first class degree, Andrea in Computing & Information Systems whilst Wilbert read Creative Computing, awarded by the world-renowned University of London.

The similarity ends here.

Mr Andrea Schembri (foreground) and Mr Wilbert Tabone (background)

Mr Andrea Schembri BSc (Hons) Computing & IS

Saint Martin’s Institute Alumnus 2008–2015

Mr Andrea Schembri decided to read for the Diploma in Computing & Information Systems in 2008 when at the time he was employed as a technician with an international microchip manufacturer in Malta. He took advantage of a Government scheme that encouraged him to further his studies as an evening student and over a span of two years, he completed his studies with flying colours.

Andrea decided to take a break from his studies, mostly to cope with family and work commitments, but in 2011 he decided to return to finish off what he had started. To graduate with an undergraduate degree, Andrea had to complete his final units that make up the MQF level 6 degree. He completed these in 2015, and graduated with first class honours after excelling in his University of London examinations, and attaining excellent marks in his dissertation.

Andrea Schembri BSc (Hons) Computing & IS First Class

Mr Schembri was able to read his degree whilst keeping his full time. In the final year of his studies, Andrea decided it was time to move and change his career. He joined an international fintech software house, that offered Andrea the exposure he needed to practice what he had learnt.

After around 24 months, Andrea was headhunted to join a start-up gaming company as a developer and only recently moved to Tipico, one of the prominent iGaming firms operating in Malta as a full stack developer.

Andrea is just one of the numerous individuals who grasped the second chance that Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, an Affiliate Teaching Institution of the University of London, has been offering since the year 2000.

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Mr Wilbert Tabone BSc (Hons) Creative Computing

Saint Martin’s Institute Alumnus 2012-2015

In contrast Wilbert chose Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, and read for the BSc (Hons) in Creative Computing on a full time basis over a period of three years.

Wilbert Tabone BSc (Hons) Creative Computing First Class

Mr Tabone decided he was going to read for this degree when studying for his a-levels. His visits to the Institute were instigated by his fascination and love for digital games and interactive entertainment which is what convinced him to choose this course over others. He was always under the impression that job opportunities in computing were mainly for data processing purposes in large organisations such as banks and civil service, setting up networks and administering systems. However the new direction towards using computing in entertainment, user experience and education, convinced him that this was the career he was going to follow — at the tender age of 16!

Mr Tabone was determined throughout his education and always aimed at achieving the highest grades possible and he successfully completed his degree with a first class honours classification by the University of London. Wilbert went on to read for an MSc in Artificial Intelligence with the University of Malta, and Computer Vision at Groningen University of the Netherlands.

Mr Tabone is currently the Project, Communications and Information Technology Coordinator at MUŻA — Malta

Mostly Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education graduates in this University of London Video.

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The University of London offers the possibility for students in Malta to read for the BSc (Hons) in Computing & Information Systems and BSc (Hons) Creative Computing taught at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, an Affiliate Centre since the year 2000.

For information about reading for any of these degrees as a full time student or studying in the evening, contact us on or +356 2123 5451 for an appointment.

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