Meet our Alumni — Hein Chetcuti

Hein Chetchuti joined the Malta FreePort Terminal in 1999 and initiated his studies at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education in 2004. Starting off as a clerk, Hein is a member of senior management at Malta FreePort.

Hein Chetcuti BSc (Hons) IS&M, MSc

Ten years on …

Graduating with a world renowned University at the Barbican in London, UK.

My career progression

My career started to take-off as soon as I graduated in my undergraduate degree. Over the past decade, the fact that I had undertaken multidisciplinary studies in substantial depth, helped me embark and perform in a number of different organisational roles, that surpassed by superiors’ expectations. The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) syllabus and examinations instilled in me the discipline of questioning everything within an organisation, and research and find adequate solutions that will improve the organisation. Nothing can be taken for granted in this fast moving world of business. I’m lucky I got my education through the best University and local Institution, and my employers who are a renowned international shipping firm, appreciates the rigour of the University of London.

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education

The Institute gave me the opportunity to read for a degree that is academically led by one of the most prestigious and respected Universities in social sciences in the world. This carries a lot of weight because my employers appreciate the effort of passing and attaining such a classification according to LSE standards.

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is licensed by the NCFHE with license #196. Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education may be contacted on or telephonically +356 2123 5451. We are on Facebook, Instagram and our webpage is
The BSc (Hons) Information Systems & Management is conferred by the University of London under the academic direction of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). The University has since updated the degree to BSc )Hons) Management & Digital Innovation.
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