My Income Tax to pay for My Child’s University of London Degree

Use your taxes wisely to invest in YOUR child’s education (click for website)

Your income tax pays for your child’s degree tuition.

Doesn’t your own child deserve the very best education money can buy. As a parent or legal guardian haven’t you already invested heavily in your child’s education either at a Church school (through annual contributions) or at an Independent private school (paying tuition fees). Haven’t you also paid hundreds of Euro every year in private lessons to prepare them well for life? Why?

All parents and legal guardians do their utmost to ensure that their child will have the best possible education in preparation for their child’s future career !

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is offering you an opportunity for your child to study for the world renowned University of London degree at a cost of €100/month. We built a package for you to use up to a maximum of €16,000 of your own income tax that you HAVE to pay anyway to Government and instead channel your taxes towards your son or daughter’s tertiary education.

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Use your own taxes to your child’s benefit!

Parents or legal guardians are able to utilise their own annual income tax contribution to compensate for the tuition fees they pay for their child’s education at tertiary level. The example provided below is worked out based on the median income in Malta, and shows how a parent on this pay is able to recoup €3,300 per year paid as income tax as compensation for meeting the tuition fees for their own son or daughter.

A tax payer on the €25,000 gross salary per year pays an income tax of €3,328.13 that may be claimed back against receipts of tuition fees paid for your child’s education at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education — up to €3,500 for the MQF level 5 diploma and up to €12,500 for the MQF level 6 degree, totaling €16,000 income tax reclaimed — 5 years tax free to reimburse up to 70% of your child’s expenses!

If you wish a detailed breakdown of how the system works with your own gross salary and what tax rebates you will receive, please ask to meet one of our members of staff to explain in detail.

Mr Craig O’Callaghan during the SMI Graduation for Diploma graduates 2017

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Why pay even a little, when State Institutions are free?

Parents and legal guardians rightfully ask — why should we choose Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education and pay tuition fees when Government Institutions such as the University of Malta and MCAST are free?

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education puts value on quality education above all else! To eliminate any doubt about the standard of education (that is intangible and very easily manipulated), Saint Martin’s Institute has joined the world renowned University of London, and therefore raising the bar of tertiary education in Malta. In these past 18 years, students taught at the Institute for the degrees in the computing and commerce fields, have been and continue to be examined solely by the University of London examination boards that are independent from the academics teaching students, with the exam sessions invigilated by the Registrar of Examinations from the Ministry of Education. The University of London, uniquely in Malta, separates the teaching from the assessing students’ attainment - and this guarantees transparency of achievement!

Take a look at the results attained by Saint Martin’s Institute students.

1. Your child deserves the best possible attention whilst reading for a degree. Parents and legal guardians are led to believe that once out of compulsory education, children can fend for themselves. Some do, but many students don’t, and they feel like being thrown in a North-Easterly seas after having learnt how to swim in a kid’s pool! At Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education focuses all attention towards guaranteeing that your child will become an independent learner as early as possible. Students are #NotJustANumber at Saint Martin’s and this is not simply a slogan. The Audit Team from the National Commission for Further & Higher Education (NCFHE) of the Government of Malta found the Institute as Surpassing Expectations in Student Centred Learning after scrutinising the operations of the Institution over the past five years. With student groups of less than 30 students we dedicate time and commitment to the needs of your child. Know more about the 33 year legacy of Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education.
2. A world renowned University of London degree lasts a lifetime. Graduating from one of the globally recognized Universities, with five member colleges ranked in the top 50 Universities in the world, and the LSE (London School of Economics and Political Science) #2 in world ranking by QS 2018, means that your child attains a degree, renowned globally and that will last for a lifetime career. It is not just recognition and fame though — the ranking is based upon what research is carried out in the field by academics at the University, and how this research is propagated across the different levels at the University. Your child will gain from this leading edge knowledge! Know more about the University of London.
3. Value for money. Not all that is free is good value. We at Saint Martin’s Institute and the University of London, with the assistance of the Government of Malta that provides stipends and maintenance grants, plus income tax rebates to allow the use of YOUR OWN tax contributions to support YOUR children educate and develop themselves. We have developed the SMIFlexiPay that expects an affordable payment of €100 per month for 60 months, that will be your net cost on your child’s fees. The other fees due are reimbursed through your own income taxes up to a maximum of €3,500 for the MQF level 5 diploma (first year of the degree) and up to €12,500 for the MQF level 6 degree (last two years of the degree). Read this for detailed information.
4. Focused and effective learning experience. Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education offers students a lecture time table spread over four week-days (Monday to Thursday) with Friday dedicated to study, job shadowing, industry visits, and in some cases internship. Classes are organised between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm and thus your children may continue to pursue their hobbies, such as sports activities, football training, dance, music, ballet and whatever is core in their lives. Studying for a degree need not mean that social life is destroyed. The Institute offers nearly 450 contact hours with lecturers over three semesters starting in October ending mid June. (Gozitan students may continue to live with their parents whilst reading for a degree at Saint Martin’s Institute). Read this.

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Mr Craig O’Callaghan during the SMI 2017 Graduation Speech for the MQF level 5 Diplomas

A Fresh Exciting Start for YOUR Child

A graduation ceremony of the University of London

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is not an educational institution that only welcomes students who for some reason or another do not make it to University of Malta. The truth is that a substantial proportion of students who choose Saint Martin’s are high achieving students who opt to distinguish themselves from the masses graduating from the State Institutions. They want to be differentiated. They yearn for an organised system of learning, and they expect their studies to be challenging! They want their degree to be globally recognized and appreciated.

Which University in Malta provides such a guidebook for every subject to be studied? Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education — an Affiliate of the University of London does just this!

€3000 Scholarship for High Achieving Students

Yes, Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education has earmarked €120,000 in funding for scholarships to up to 40 high achieving students who register to read for University of London degrees as full time students at the Institute. Apply by July 31st, 2018 and if you have six ordinary level subjects at grades 1 or 2 including Mathematics and English, you will receive a €1,000 grant for every year of your studies.

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At a net cost of €100/month!

Your monthly tuition fee payment to educate your child at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is of €100 per month.Your child will be reading for his or her choice of University of London degree, taught by professional full time academics, over a minimum of three academic years, in thirteen different fields of study.

The MQF level 5 Diplomas and the MQF level 6 Degrees may be browsed in detail on our website. Click here.

Or check our prospectus for commerce and computing.

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Stipends and maintenance grants

Whilst reading for the degree as a full time student, Government will pay your son or daughter the full maintenance grant and stipend as that paid to University of Malta students.

Students reading for a Computing degree earn €7,690 over three years
Students reading for Business & Finance degrees earn €4,230 over three years

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Entry Requirements

A student who wishes to read for any of the degrees conferred by the University of London and taught at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, led by colleges such as the London School of Economics & Political Science, Royal Holloway and Goldsmiths College are accepted if they may show an awarded Matriculation Certificate with any subject combinations.

For students who may not have managed to attain all the necessary points to be awarded the Matriculation Certificate, the University of London will accept students;

who are at least 17 years old by April 2019;
who possess the equivalent of two advanced level passes (these may be combinations of a-levels and intermediate levels or foreign examination boards), and 6 ordinary level passes.

For students who wish to read for one of the MQF Level 5 Diplomas accredited by the NCFHE and enjoy Approved Prior Learning status by the University of London for the degrees in Commerce, and entry for the Computing, the student;

must be at least 16 years old by December 2018;
possess a minimum of 4 ordinary level passes, including Mathematics and English language.

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The Benefits are stacked in favour of YOUR child’s career at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education

A Creative Computing Tutorial with hands on experiential learning

How will your son or daughter benefit by attending Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education and reading for a University of London degree?

Think carefully on what you wish for your child, and be certain of the benefits the Institute is able to offer your son and daughter! What better place to start by evaluating what the NCFHE Auditors had to say about Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education? Download the report.

Reading for a world renowned University with a legacy spanning 180 years, founded by Royal Charter on 28 November 1836 and is the third oldest university in England, with guaranteed recognition throughout the world not just in Malta;
Tutored by an Affiliate Institution of the University of London that has been found to have surpassed expectations with regard to the student centred learningstandard — the attention we give to our students has been commended by the National Commission for Further & Higher Education Independent Audit Team carried out last March, 15th to 17th, 2017;
All subjects are taught from scratch and a student is not expected to have prior knowledge of any area of study they wish to graduate in;
Small groups of students taught by professional tutors employed on full time with the Institute to provide the attention that your child deserves;
Direct contact between you, the parent/s and the Institute through a number of activities that focus on a participative effort towards your child’s progression and success;
A go getter attitude permeating throughout the Institute and driving students to excel to reach their aspirations.

What do students say?

Read Ms Castillo’s whole story click here

Act now

The closing date of our applications is on July 31st. Applications are on a first-come-first-served basis and once a class reaches the maximum number of students (max. 20 students), no more applications are accepted for the qualification.

Application forms may be downloaded for commerce or computing and may be handed in at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education in Hamrun.

Our normal office hours are Monday to Thursday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Friday 8:30 am to noon.
Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, established in 1985, is licensed by the NCFHE with license #196 ● Postal Address: Saint Martin’s Institute Foundation Building, 2, Schembri Street, Hamrun HMR 1541 ● Telephone: +356 2123 5451 ● eMail: