Quality Assurance in Education

Education is a process based on trust

Accreditation of Formal Learning

The National Commission for Further & Higher Education of Malta

How are qualifications measured?

Calculating the value of a qualification

How to identify fraud

You cannot have ALL three!

External Quality Assurance benefits the consumer

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education

Graduation Ceremony of the University of London

The University of London Institutional Periodic Review

The Affiliation Certificate issued after the 2015 Audit

The External Quality Assurance by the NCFHE


Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education is licensed by the NCFHE with license #196 ○ Address: Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education, Foundation Building, Schembri Street, Hamrun HMR 1541 ○ Phone: +356 2123 5451 ○ eMail: infodesk@stmartins.edu
Saint Martin's Institute of Higher Education

Written by

@stmartinsedu Maltese a licensed (№196) private, tertiary-level institution, offering University of London qualifications. #StartMyInspiration

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