Top Ten Global Achievements

Saint Martin’s Institute students achieve top ten positions globally!

Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education Students achieve marks in the Top Ten globally!

BSc (Business Administration)

Mr Craig O’Callaghan, CEO of the University of London presenting an Academic Achievement Certificate to Ms Valentina Cauchi with the Principal of Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education at the #SMIGraduation2018

Valentina Cauchi

Rebecca Degiorgio

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These are the twelve other achievers in the top ten marks world wide in the business administration degree by students from Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education.

International Human Resources Management

Innovation Management

European Business

Multinational Enterprise

Human Resources Management

Management Accounting


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BSc Computing & Information Systems/BSc Creative Computing

Mr Craig O’Callaghan from the University of London presenting the Academic Achievement Certificate to Ms Cecilia Mzayek

Cecilia Mzayek

in addition to achieving the top mark at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education in;

Introduction to Java and Object Oriented Programming & Introduction to Computing & the Internet

Joint winner of the JAYE Start-Up Competition 2018

Nineteen other achievers in the top ten marks world wide in the computing degree examinations by students from Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education.

Creative Computing I: Image, Sound & Motion

Information Systems: Foundation of eBusiness

Mr Craig O’Callaghan from the University of London Worldwide presenting the SMI Academic Achievement Award to Mr Simon Agius Muscat for the 5 top marks at Saint Martin’s Institute, and 6 top ten marks in the University of London final year examinations.

Interactive Design

Artificial Intelligence

Neural Networks

Sound & Music

Data Compression


Information Systems Management

Introduction to Natural Language Processing

Mathematics for Computing

Software Engineering, Algorithm Design & Analysis

Project (Dissertation)


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We stand tall and proud of our achievements!

We at Saint Martin’s Institute are here, ready to work hard with you to enable you to achieve the best performance possible. At Saint Martin’s Institute YOU are #NotJustANumber

The University of London is a recognized and respected University the world over, and it is the University that examines you. These achievements in this story are students from the Institute who sat for examinations common to the fifty thousand students world wide.

The University of London proves beyond any doubt the parity of standards of Saint Martin’s Institute within the international academic system, and in some cases, excel! #ValuED

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University of London classifications achieved by our final year students

Note that the vast majority of our graduates have attained either a First Class or a Second Class Honours degree, conferred by the world renowned University of London — the #1 University operating in Malta!

And for the students who are still in the system, Saint Martin’s Institute prepared students to sit for a total of 448 examination papers examined by the University of London, with over half of these papers attaining the two top marks of distinction and credit!

Isn’t this what YOU want, and what YOU deserve? The peace of mind of an Institution that is as interested in YOUR WELL-BEING as its own? These are super achievements, from students who in their vast majority never believed in their abilities to attain such stratospheric marks.

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Distinctions & Top Marks at Saint Martin’s Institute

Economics, Management, Finance & Social Sciences

Mr Nico Fauser; Investment Management & The law of Business Organisations

Ms Mariella Sammut; Human Resource Management

Ms Angelina Krylova; Managerial Economics & Principals of Marketing

Mr. Kristopher Klotzer; Principles of Marketing

Mr. Carl Borg; Research Project in Information Systems

Mr. Clifton Calleja; Research Project in Information Systems

Business Administration

Ms. Katryna Briffa; Strategic Management & Human Resource Management

Ms. Kaelah Melissa Rijo; Marketing Management

Mr. Emanuele Ferlaino; European Business

Ms. Valentina Cauchi; International Human Resource Management & Innovation Management

Ms. Rebecca Degiorgio; Multinational Enterprise

Joey on hearing half of Saint Martin’s Institute graduates attained a First Class Honours in Computing Degrees

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Mr. Juxhin Dyrmishi Brigjaj; Database systems

Mr. John Sammut; Software engineering, algorithm design and analysis

Mr. Michael Aquilina; Electronic Commerce

Mr. Mykyta Khilai; Introduction to natural language processing

Ms. Cecilia Mzayek; Mathematics for computing, Introduction to Java and Object-Oriented Programming, Introduction to computing and the internet, & Creative Computing I: Image, Sound and Motion

Mr. Luca Peric; Creative Computing I: Image, Sound and Motion + Creative Computing II: Interactive multimedia

Mr. Alexander Amato Gauci; Creative Computing II: Interactive multimedia

Mr. Simon Agius Muscat; Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Data compression, Sound and Music, Interaction design & Advanced graphics and Animation

Mr. Joseph William Self; Information Systems & Foundations of e-business

Mr. Charlton Aquilina; Information Systems & Foundations of e-business

Mr. Noel Agius; Data communications and enterprise network

Ms. Donnalisa Buhagiar; Information systems management

Mr. Malcolm Tanti; Final Dissertation/Project

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Graduation at the University of London, a world renowned University offering students resident in Malta to read and graduate from its portfolio of degrees.

Saint Martin’s Institute Diploma Academic Achievement Awards

Ms. Valentina Baldoni; Applied Statistics for Business & Quantitative Methods

Ms. Jessica Tabone; Accounting Principles and Practice, Introduction to Risk Management & Fundamentals of Banking

Ms. Nina Fauser;Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

Mr. Luke Baldacchino; Basics of Strategic Business Analysis and Management & Management and the Modern Corporation

Mr. Philip Cutajar; Leadership in the 21st Century

Mr. Jake Montebello; Introduction to Front-End Web Development, Audio Design I, Fundamentals of Visual Design I, Visual Narratives, Maths and Science for Computer Games, Introduction to Graphs & Introduction to Calculus

Ms. Samantha Vella Cassia; Introduction to Information Security, Implementing and Querying Databases & Core Database Principles

Mr. Thomas Scheiber; Introduction to Java Programming & Intermediate Java Programming

Mr. Brandon Spiteri; Introduction to Algebra and Matrices

Ms. Ruth Bugeja; Visual Design I & Visual Narratives

Mr. Christopher Fenech; Principles of Computing Architecture

Mr. Kluivert Bonello; Introduction to Interaction Design

All these graduates cannot be wrong about our institution #StartMyInspiration

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