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The Making of a Virtual Reality Experience of a World Heritage Site under a Conservation Order

The Hal Saflieni Hypogeum is not completely off limits to visitors. But the site is so delicate, so unique, its subterranean environment so critical for the conservation of the red ochre murals that visitors are limited to a very small section of the 5,000 year old complex, constrained by a gangway to keep feet off the ground. The hypogeum is in perpetual semi-darkness, except for a choreographed spot lighting of areas based upon the guide’s explanation.

The brief for this research project was to bring the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum back to life for all those who have cultural heritage at heart, providing a virtual model that may be explored in its totality and to its minute detail. This work is the result of research carried out by students and academic staff of the Department of Computing at Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education.


Saint Martin's Institute of Higher Education

@stmartinsedu Maltese a licensed (№196) private, tertiary-level institution, offering University of London qualifications. #StartMyInspiration

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