Six Months In…I’ve Said “Hologram” Out Loud Thousands of Times

A few of you humored me when I wrote my first Medium post about joining 8i, a virtual reality and augmented reality company. I’m reporting back after six thrilling months during which I downloaded 584 holograms, dropped 726 of them into my camera view and created 274 videos. Confused? Can’t blame you. But now I can tell you all about it.

I’m referring to Holo, a free augmented reality mobile app we launched worldwide today at VidCon. Holo lets anyone with a phone mix holograms into their own pics and videos, and share them wherever. I’ve played with it for months and now you can too. ^_^

Download Holo for iOS
Download Holo for Android

8i, the awesome company where I work and where my inspiring colleagues blow my mind on a daily basis, is leading the way for capturing and compressing holographic video of real humans. Holo is a small part of that mission — but it’s one of the novel ways we hope to help more people experience holographic video. And, it doesn’t require a VR set up.

The first version of Holo app is simple. We know there are features and drivers we need to make Holo more compelling, but we’re already seeing some clever creative output. 😂

In Holo you can add one hologram to your camera view, resize it (pinch and zoom the hologram), rotate it (swipe anywhere off the hologram) and place it anywhere on the vertical plane, including below or above you. Then record video or take a pic, and share it anywhere!

Today you can play with holograms including Spider-Man, Debby Ryan, Matt Steffanina, Fall Out Boy, Magic Mike Live presented by Cosmopolitan, fun poses from the Verizon go90 team for VidCon and a variety of eccentric, original characters.

I know, Spidey. My place IS a mess.

So, what’s next? We’re excited to implement hardware capabilities announced by Apple and Android, such as #ARKit and Tango, so we can make videos that look even more real. We’d like to let Holo creators upload videos from their camera roll into the camera view. And, the Holo team will share new hologram collections every week. If you have wishes or ideas for content and features, please don’t be shy. You can find me on Twitter @stnic.

Finally, a quick note — I’ve had the honor of working at stellar tech companies with great teams. But never have I been more dependent on so many people to accomplish goals. From our creative director to the producers to marketing/comms to R&D to tech to design to product, the 8i team that worked on Holo across Los Angeles and New Zealand is such a group of “yes” people that I pinch myself. So what is my 6 month summary? I love it here. And I am grateful to the extended team for helping me figure it out, every day. 🙏

Crew pic from Anderson Silva shoot. Photo by Jonathan Hoeg.
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