Digital age Casper.

On Broken Phones and Eye-openings

The withdrawal was sudden and unexpected. Anxiety hit me like a ton of bricks. My contacts, photos, videos and other invaluable data was safe, because the cloud, duh. BUT! I was left stripped of my connectedness to the world. Of the ability to chat, like, tweet, post and share while on foot. I couldn’t blindly sacrifice my time to an endless stream of other people’s life moments while riding the bus. I was no longer…

…a Socialite.

Dramatic entrance aside, the feeling of not having your phone with you is terrifying, and the fact that it’s terrifying makes it even worse. The dependancy on a piece of tech is invisible while the chain is intact, but break it, and soon the overwhelming sensation of thought comes pouring down the grooves* of your brain.

*If you want to get all brainy (yes, pun), the scientific term is “sulcus” (pl. “sulci”).

When struggling to come up with ideas, we tend to look where others might have dropped them — social media, blogs, articles. The devices are ropes we grab on to when we need guidance. We don’t stop and look for a solution that’s right under our noses. No. Even closer — in our brains. It’s the source of literally EVERYTHING, for Pete’s sake.

Sadly, we ignore it. Whether because of insecurity, self-doubt, anxiety. Or just plain laziness. After all, what could possibly beat using Google to find that magic nugget of inspiration that’ll kick-start your entire creative career?

The daily hustle.

A bus ride without a phone and internet did it for me. Doubt it kick-started anything, but the ecstasy-fuelled-like sensation of various ideas coming to you with no end in sight really IS inspiring. Within 30 minutes of gazing through a window it is possible to:

  • think up of a blog theme you were struggling to come up with for months;
  • write down 3 strong name candidates for a side-business you’ve been thinking about;
  • revisit your self-brand and make decisive changes to push though a block that’s been holding you back;
  • visualise exactly how your business card should look like;
  • read the first 15 pages of a book that you’ve been carrying around, but never had the time to start, and now can’t seem to get off it because it’s so damn good.
As satisfying as it may seem…

I’m not suggesting you play a round of whack-a-mole on easy-mode with your smartphone, mind you. It’s enough to take it from a guy who smashed his piece by accident (but now has a replacement, nonetheless): leave the phone at home from time to time. Start by leaving it in your briefcase or backpack to make it less reachable. If you need access to calls, at least turn off the data. Give yourself the freedom to disconnect and explore the brain instead of the web.

Who knows… maybe you’ll find 10 new ideas, and #7 will shock you?

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