Advisor’s interview #4 — Philippe Coste

Sep 13, 2018 · 2 min read
Philippe Coste — Director of Epitech (Computer Science School), Toulouse antenna

Hello Philippe, can you introduce you?

Philippe Coste, 49 years old. Passionate about technology, music, literature, I like creators, artists, researchers, and those who undertake. Convinced that our world is changing into a new economic paradigm and that we have all the tools to tackle colossal issues, I am bulimic to learn to better support, transmit, teach, awaken …

One word to describe you?

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

What is your background?

After an engineer training in Artificial Intelligence I dived into the entrepreneurial adventure. I then ran a factory in the world of printing before implanting and deploying the Toulouse antenna of the Epitech School of Computer Science, which I headed for 11 years. I am also Deputy Director of the French Tech Toulouse since the labeling of our territory in November 2014.

Why did you choose to become a Stoby Advisor ?

Stoby proposes to answer two major universal challenges: self-help and student employment. And this answer promises to be safe and modern. So Stoby is part of a “Tech for good” approach that we must all encourage and support.

What do you think about the STB Token?

As mentioned above, the STB Token secures transactions and is part of a clear context of emergence and adoption of cryptocurrencies.

You are in the education sector, do you think students will accept a student currency that will operate in their ecosystem?

Digital native, Millennials, today’s students naturally integrate all new digital usage propositions for simple and useful: a good definition of Stoby.

Which skills will you use for the project and how can you help Stoby to succeed ?

Listen, confront, connect, promote … in any case save time for Stoby to go faster to success!

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Stoby is the first tokenized student job platform. Stoby sells free time to individuals and gives students the opportunity to benefit from additional income.

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