Why launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

When we talked about creating a company, we thought about students free time and their optimization. We’ve all got a student job, and we knew that this sector needs an amelioration and a new vision which could change everything.

Today, students are looking for punctual jobs rather than a job with fixed schedules and obligatory presence. This flexibility is the key point of the student job because it allowing them to adapt their planning and therefore, to remain efficient during his or her class hours.

The perpetual acceleration of all that constitutes our life, we understood that the individuals lacking free time
 In order to improve our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and add new features to the existing jobbing market, Stoby has decided to launch an Initial Coin Offering (hereinafter an « ICO »), that is to say, to offer for sale on the cryptocurrency market a proprietary token named STB. This token will confer certain rights to those who will own it (read our article focused on the Token STB).

It is an ERC-20 token based on the well-proven Ethereum blockchain network,The STB token will be sold in exchange for ETH. This ICO will have certain virtues for Stoby and its users.

In our sector, several elements are essential to be able to claim to succeed. One of the most important is to establish a climate of trust between the different users of the platform but also with the investor who, with the ICO, become a stakeholder of the company.

The best way to achieve this goal was to develop a transparent ecosystem by implementing the Blockchain technology. This is what we did by implementing the Stoby’s certification, which is a document we create for students. So that, they can attest to their level of expertise and their experience on the platform. (Read our article focused on the Stoby certification)

Then, in view of the competition present in the sector, it is imperative to stand out from the latter and creating a token via the Blockchain is a great way. Let’s not hide it, our model is one of those where we have to reach a critical mass and it will be reached more quickly by doing an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) because it will allow us to create a real community that will follow and advise us but also accelerate our development because we have already defined all of our needs thanks to our estimated file. Our needs are rational according to the market and our long-term vision.

The amounts raised this way, will enable Stoby to greatly accelerate its expansion and to establish itself on the European jobbing market. The amounts will notably be allocated to the development of the Stoby technology, to the reinforcement of teams and the opening of new cities.

Up until now, our MVP is online and operates in France. This allowed us to validate the model we had considered. www.stoby.fr

In addition, the Stoby team has paid special attention to the blockchain technology and aims at developing a more equitable, transparent ecosystem adapted to our offer.

Lastly, launching an ICO is a high stake in terms of communication. It gives us the opportunity to grow our community and unite it around a common goal. This community will accompany us throughout our adventure, supporting us, advising us and testing us all the time.

We also rely on the ICO to differentiate ourselves from the competition and communicate about our vision and our concept.

To sum up, here is our main reason to do an Initial Coin Offering:

1) Accelerate STOBY’s expansion.

2) Provide security, transparency and blockchain efficiency to its users.

3) Enrich its offer and provide it at a lower cost thanks to the issue and use of the STB token.

4) Consolidate a community around the project.

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