Stocker Freight
Oct 1, 2018 · 2 min read

Earlier this year we built Primo, our first autonomous vehicle. Working out of our shop in Jersey City, Primo was built using whatever sensors we could get our hands on and tested on city streets. As we get ready to start building our next autonomous vehicle, here’s a look back on the journey so far.

Early test fit with baby tires, parking lot runs and on the road repairs.
First robot steps ever — it’s alive! Of course the next thing to do is to try and ride it.
Primo used 4 stereo cameras and 1 mono camera. This lead to lots of calibration.
A preflight check before heading down our trusty dock ramp.
Off we go!
A sensor dump from the fused spatial data.
Mapping system utilizing RTABmap, a 2d and 3d feature based mapping system.
The final stress test of the path planner and obstacle avoidance system.
Primo getting some upgrades — sometimes in the shop, sometimes in the field.
Winter time gave us 5 minutes of field debug before fingers started going numb, but we made it work.
Like two proud parents! Over the course of 3 months, we ran 5 outdoor missions where we continually fixed bugs, learned how to deal with the changing environment, and improved Primo’s capabilities.
Our next autonomous vehicle, the Stocker Van

With Primo finished, our next robot will be the Stocker autonomous van, bringing us one step closer towards autonomous city freight — stay tuned!

Stocker Freight

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Building an autonomous freight service for cities.

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