The Node / Redis Series

Jul 21, 2015 · 2 min read

For the past few months I’ve been writing posts about using Node.js and Redis together. At the top of each post, I’ve been placing a chunk of content that shows the different parts. Well, that has gotten out of hand — here is a directory:

Sub-series: Road to Redis (formerly known as SQL to Redis)

Chapter 1: From Tables to Hash
Chapter 2: One to Many Relationships
Chapter 3: Searching Through Your Data
BONUS: From Reds to RediSearch

Original series:

Part 33: Going a BIT crazy with Redis
Part 32: Making Email Dynamic with Redis
Part 31: Oh no, GEO.
Part 30: Redis Quickie: Scramble and unscramble your commands in Node.js
Part 29: Ice wine, Redis and Microcontrollers
Part 28: Grab your hardhat!
Part 27.2: I’m mod for neural networks (Chapter 2)
Part 27.1: I’m mod for neural networks (Chapter 1)
Part 26: That syncing feeling
Part 25: The Wonderful World of HyperLogLog
Part 24: Clearing the fog on HyperLogLog
Part 23: On Redis Geo and Node.js
Part 22: A long long poll ago in an AJAX call far far away
Part 21: There is something rotten in the state of geohash
Part 20: Redis Static Charge
Part 19: Node / Redis Bloom filters
Part 18: Uploading and serving images from Redis with Node.js
Part 17: Dodge the busy work: Using lodash and async to write tighter Node.js / Redis apps
Part 16: Reds Internals: Searching and better searching with Node.js and Redis
Part 15: Redis and Node.JS Slug out: In-process variables and remotely stored data
Part 14: Love, functional programming, Node.js, Lua and Redis
Part 13: Tick-tock: setting a timeout on a Redis call with Node.js
Part 12: Simulating a slow command with Node, Redis and Lua
Part 11: Save Node.js headaches with Lua and Redis
Part 10: Node, Redis, node_redis and NodeRedis
Part 9: Redis SPOP Culture
Part 8: Redis, set, node
Part 7: Untangling Redis sort results with Node.js and lodash
Part 6: Redis, Express and Streaming with Node.js and Classic Literature(?)
Part 5: Managing modularity and Redis connections in Node.js
Part 4: Keeping track of account subscriptions with Redis and Node.js
Part 3: Using the Redis multi object in Node.js for fun and profit
Part 2: Store Javascript objects in Redis with Node.js the right way
Part 1: Dancing around strings in Node.js and Redis

You might also be interested in my more general writing about Node or Redis (just not together):

Setting up Redis on macOS Sierra
Comparing a giraffe to a blender: Firebase and Redis
Comparing an elephant to a washing machine: Redis and SimpleDB
Mastering Node.js is Mastering Async
Node.js, Streams, Proxies and Amazon S3
Besting PhantomJS Font Problems

Help me, help you

If you or your organization are looking for a little assistance with Node.js in combination with Redis, AWS, or SimpleDB, let’s chat.


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Developer of things. Node.js + all the frontend jazz. Also, not from Stockholm, don’t do UX. Long story.

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