How Stockroom helped Pegasystems successfully hire 7 top developers

The technique of discovery, engagement and assessment of top talents is rapidly evolving.

There is a growing consensus amongst employers and hiring managers that traditional interviewing (often by asking canned questions) or hiring events are not the best platforms for assessment and selection of high performers. The problem gets compounded when employers think about scaling their head count.Secondly, traditional hiring events are no longer engaging or exciting engineers.

Thats where Stockroom comes in — Our goal is to disrupt talent acquisition by using latest innovations in candidate assessment and engagement — all under one roof.

Pegasystems, Hyderabad successfully hired 7 top developers, in less than 3 weeks for 3 different software engineering profiles, using Stockroom platform.

Here is a complete case study

Pega Tech Hiring Challenge Case Study from stockroomio



Originally published at on January 8, 2016.

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