Stockroom Prime- Codifying Jobs.

Launching Stockroom Prime — Codifying Jobs

Over the past decade recruitment process has remained the same without any major changes. It has always been resume first. The problem with resumes is that it doesn’t validate a candidate’s skill sets in anyway. Also, traditional recruitment process still is biased to a major extent.

Companies spend a lot of time in shortlisting the candidates by going through piles of resumes. To hire good quality tech talent it can take up to 21–35 days or more, which is a long process that involves interviews, scheduling and much more. That takes up a lot of time and resources. Resumes provide recruiters majorly with information on education and experience. What actually matters the most is the developers ability to write clean and working code.

We at Stockroom want to fix this broken traditional hiring process. Last October we have introduced a new model which helps companies launch in person as well as online coding challenges to search, assess and hire top developers. This model has been working wonders for many companies. Within a span of 3 months we are working with more than 16+ top companies like UrbanClap, Thoughtworks, Pega Systems, Travel Triangle, Tower Research Capital, IVY Comptech etc. and have helped a lot of developers in getting hired by amazing companies.

Introducing Stockroom Prime

Today we are excited to take this a step further and redefining how companies are going to hire top tech talent hassle free. We introduceStockroom Prime , A premium jobs market place powered by coding challenges. Stockroom Prime introduces a coding challenge which the candidate should complete successfully before they are able to apply for the position. If they complete it successfully the application sends a notification to the employer of the qualified applicant.

Judge Code, not resume.

This means that if the company receives 50 applications, they know for a fact that they have 50 knowledgeable applicants who are capable of performing that task. The team will be able to start interviewing all of these employees without having to worry about whether or not they are capable of coding.

Saving Time and Simplifying the Hiring Process

By screening applicants in this way, the company is able to save approximately 60% of the hiring time which means that they will save money on the hiring process and also have more time to spend on other aspects of the business.

Stockroom Prime also makes the job search process a lot easier and more enjoyable for the candidates. Instead of throwing their CV into a black hole, they are able to get a much faster response from the company. The candidate can show right away that they are qualified and able to complete the necessary tasks associated with the job. This will unleash the power of a skilled programmer, no matter what credentials that might be next to their name on their education history.

Premium Jobs, Premium Candidates Only

Premium Jobs, Premium Candidates

We aim to be a platform where applicant is able to find only “premium jobs” without any hassle. For a company, we work only with premium positions. When we say premium, we mean it. An applicant will find the best paying jobs and as a company, they will find the best developers out there.

Stockroom Prime makes it so much easier to find great engineers and developers, especially compared to the old fashioned traditional means of hiring. Times are changing, so recruitment processes should change along with them and become more quick, responsive and technologically advanced. If you are looking to hire amazing developers, why not give it a try for your next hiring run? Just leave a mail to

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