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If you want a Single Payer System you NEED TO UNDERSTAND THE SYSTEM:

Why does the USA NOT understand the Single Payer System?

Under a Single Payer System, there are NO ‘For-Profit-Insurance Companies. Period — Got it? We would get rid of Mr. Stephen Hemsley, CEO of United Healthcare making $ 77,000.00 PER DAY and others!!!!! You and I DON’T NEED THAT KIND OF ADMINISTRATION (Health Care Insurance)
 All States, Districts, and Counties in the entire Country have the same Coverage (none of this Ca great Coverage and Montana lousy coverage — as an example only).

And looking at our CA Single Payer proposal: NO PREMIUMS????

What is that all about??? And why is the IRS involved? Is it really so difficult to cover ALL Americans under a Government run Single Payer System? In the other Single Payer Systems Workers and Employers pay premiums to the Government who in return manages the Healthcare cost/Drugs for its People. Other countries have those Programs and I bet they are willing to share information because it is painful to watch our ‘Trial and Error’ attempts to cover All-Americans — Coast to Coast — We are the UNITED States of America!

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