Renault Duster…

a vacuum cleaner dressed as a SUV

Today I got a Renault Duster 1.6 4x2 as a rental car. I reluctantly agreed to take it, as the Nissan X-trail I booked wasn’t available.

What an utter disappointment!! Apart from being the ugliest car on the road, it is a horrible designed and the engine belongs in a vacuum cleaner. It struggles to reach 60km/h. Eventually getting to 120km/h (10 minutes later), the annoying ding from the SatNav warns you that you have exceeded the speed limit. Can’t find where to turn it off. Don’t try to take on a hill. A cyclist will pass you.

On the SatNav note. It seemed pretty good, but, it is too low down on the dashboard, and therefore very dangerous to use while driving. It was obviously an afterthought.

The controls on the steering wheel is also in the wrong position. The volume and telephone control is not visible, as it is behind the huge steering wheel. So again if you want to answer the phone, you need to take your eyes off the road to find the button to answer it.

The specs on the car is all wrong. You have SatNav, but no cruise control. You have parking assist, but no one-touch electric windows. There is no outside thermometer.

The only thing is has going for it, is the huge boot. Our luggage fitted very easily. But that is the only positive aspect to it.

The indicator sound is also weird. It sounds like a mouse squeaking. The cabin noise is so high you can hardly hear the sound.

Renault screwed this one up completely. If you’re after a cheap SUV and happy with a terrible car, then go for it, but for those that don’t like to waste money, look else where.

Hopefully Europcar will give me a different vehicle, as I won’t survive driving this car for another 2 weeks.

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