Sizeup for Mac

The most underrated app on the Mac

After migrating from Windows to Mac (best decision ever), I really struggled with OS X inability to use full screen (maximise) properly. I hated the cluttered way of windows upon window.

In OS X El Capitan, Apple boast will a revolutionary feature: Split Screen. I had such a giggle. Apple has the ability to showcase a feature that has been standard for decades as a WOW new feature.

Sizeup came to my rescue 5 years ago, making maximising and split screen very easy as well as helping with multiple monitors.

With a simple shortcut you can maximise your screen, without having to transfer it to another space.

I hate clutter and OS X can easily become cluttered, but Sizeup solves that problem.

Visit their Irradiated Software’s website and try it out for yourself:

It will be the best $12.99 you spend.

PS: MS Windows has all these features as standard and it works very well.

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