Before addressing the subject of this column contextualization is needed and as such, will be provided before we proceed. I will discuss Daryl Morey and his run as the Houston Rockets’ General Manager along with the Russell Westbrook acquisition in detail, but I think its important to know how we got here before we talk about how we get out.

Sparked largely by MLB general manager Billy Beane of the Oakland Athletics, the early aughts was when the beginnings of the now fully consummated flirtation with numerical, metric based analytics as a major factor in assessing athletic effectiveness first germinated…

Association Football, the actual name of the sport known in the United States as soccer and around the world as simply football, is the most popular, profitable sport in the world by a considerable margin. Since the 1994 World Cup, played in the United States for the second time, the narrative behind soccer has been one of impending takeover, with prognosticators regularly deeming it as the next major team sport to capture the passions of mainstream America. …

In ancient Rome, bread and circuses were both fixtures of the average citizen’s life in a literal sense for most of the empire’s existence. Bread and Circuses in the case of this writing, however, is a reference to a concept originating about one thousand years ago by the Roman poet Juvenal, who wrote:

“the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions — everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses”

Its easy to ascertain what Juvenal meant in this statement…

Free Agent Frenzy Part 1: Lakers or Clippers?


As the nocturnals of social media perched comfortably for another night of shit posting and retweeting videos of police abuse, a nuclear bomb dropped on their feeds with the commensurate fallout accompanying. This particular atomic reaction came in the form of Kawhii Leonard’s announcement that, after leading what was once a laughingstock franchise to their first championship, he was going to rebuff Toronto’s desperate attempts to retain his services and instead, take his talents to the City of Angels.

At the same time as NBA fans were processing this news, star…

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