How Baseball’s “Fan Passion Index” Can Help Franchises Measure Fan Engagement With Their Team

by: ViaSat

With Major League Baseball going stat-crazy, measuring every nuance of player performance, we thought, “Why not measure fan performance?” It is with that idea in mind that we are introducing the Exede Fan Passion Index (EFPI), one measure of how engaged sports fans are with their teams.

The ViaSat Analytics Group collects an amazing amount of data about how people use Exede® Internet. The data is never tied to individual subscribers, but instead gives us the big picture of what people want from their internet so we can serve them better.


ViaSat ran the numbers and came up with a total of 103,482 Exede Internet subscribers clicking on team pages from May 1 to October 4, 2015. The index figure is determined by dividing the total clicks on all pages for each team site visited by the number of subscribers clicking on that team’s pages. This measure of fan engagement for each team is not meant as a scientific measure, but we’re betting that more pages visited per fan equals more interest and engagement with their team.

Does The EFPI Match Reality?

Lending credibility to the EFPI, the teams at the top of the rankings are just the teams you might expect. Number one is the St. Louis Cardinals at an index figure of 13.54 pages per fan visit. The Cardinals are a perennial winner and widely recognized as having the best fans in baseball. Rounding out the top four are the Dodgers (13.17), Yankees (12.95), and the 2014 champion Giants. All contenders this year, and each with passionate fans in every city in America.

Click on the image thumbnail below to see the full index of all MLB teams.

Lending credibility to the EFPI, the teams at the top of the rankings are just the teams you might expect.

The surprise of the index is the fifth ranked Cleveland Indians, with just 628 subscribers generating 7,295 total clicks. But the Indians are an up and coming team, with high-profile manager Terry Francona having kept them in contention for a playoff spot until the final month of the season.

The Kansas City Royals, new 2015 World Series Champions, surely have the most elated baseball fans in the U.S., but where do they rank in terms of fan engagement?

The Index shows that the Royals are strictly “middle of the pack” when it comes to the passion of their fans. Even the Royals’ opponent, the New York Mets, rank about the same despite New York always being considered a baseball hotbed.

With the baseball season over, maybe the Exede Fan Passion Index can provide a little more fuel for discussion around the “Hot Stove” as the offseason gets underway. We plan to develop EFPI numbers for each major sport in the months ahead.

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