Enhance your privacy in Firefox with Temporary Containers

What are Containers and how do I use them?

Multi-Account Containers

The next step: Temporary Containers

Configuring Temporary Containers

  • You don’t want that MiddleMouse Clicks open a new Temporary Container for the website you’re currently logged-in to, but instead open in the same Container as the currently active one — in this case just configure “example.com” under “Mouse Clicks -> Per Website” and set “Middle Mouse” to “Only if the clicked Link is not the exact same Domain as the Website”
  • On websites that track outgoing external links with a tracker that’s placed on the same domain as the website itself, you might want to configure all Mouse Clicks to “Always” to ensure opening in a new Temporary Container

Comparison with other privacy configurations and Add-ons

  • Private Windows:
    If you open “Private Windows” in Firefox, all tabs that you open within Private Windows (even multiple ones) use the same underlying container and accept first-party and third-party cookies. So if you do your browsing within Private Windows, it can easily be tracked between sites while the windows are open. A way to test that is, just login to a site in one Private Window, open another tab in a new Private Window and open the same site again — you’ll see that you’re still logged in. Of course, if you then close the windows, the container storage is cleared.
  • Disabled third-party cookies, maybe even with First Party Isolation:
    All first-party data will remain on your disk. If you for example open a link to an item on a shopping site in one tab and a little bit later open a link to another item on the same shopping site in another tab — then it’s clear to the site that you saw both items because of cookies/storage. Though in practice some sites might go to the extend to match that visit with fingerprinting, using Temporary Containers still makes it harder to track you.
  • Cookie AutoDelete to automatically remove cookies and localStorage
    The same as with “Private Windows” and “Disabled third-party cookies” applies as long as the cookie storage isn’t cleared — which depends on which settings you have in CAD. Also with localStorage support enabled you make fingerprinting easier, because CAD needs to set a cookie for the domains you visit and CAD can’t clear indexebDB storage at all. If you want to see it yourself try filling your indexedDB and localStorage with 5kb on this site. Now close the tab (and click Clean depending on your settings), open the site again and you’ll see that the indexedDB storage is still there.
    It’s still really useful to have Cookie AutoDelete: it can keep your permanent container clean from unwanted Cookies. Make sure to activate the Container Support — and instead of activating localStorage support I’d recommend using Temporary Containers.
  • Containers on the Go
    Has only the basic feature of opening disposable containers with Toolbar Icon, Keyboard Shortcut and Context Menu. None of the other mentioned features that Temporary Containers has. Also it’s Proprietary Software.

Recommended privacy enhancing Add-ons

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