Let’s Talk About Fear

It’s All About How You Look at It

Let’s talk about fear. Fear of failure in our work. Fear of criticism. Fear of that which is beyond our control.

If you are trying to do great work you will fail over and over again. If you are trying to do great work others will tell you it sucks. If you are trying to do great work then the only thing you control is how you approach and do the work.

So, what’s fear for?

That depends on how you frame it. If you are trying to do great work then fear is always going to accompany you. You can’t kill it or kick it out of the way. You have to accept that it’s coming along for the ride and use it.

When fear arises, it’s a good indicator that you’re on the right path. Fear is a compass. It’s also a motivator. Check the intention and motivation behind your work. Develop a daily disciplined and purposeful approach to it. Ship it when it’s good enough because it will never be perfect and the only way to know what improvements need to be made is to test it in the world.

Whether or not you leap and lean into your great work, fear will be hanging around. If it keeps you from doing great work it’ll be snickering at you in the corner. If you do great work in the presence of fear, you’ll be giving it a taste of its own medicine.

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