How to build things that could last forever

Part 1

Image source: unsplash

This life of ours is in a constant state of flux.

Undeniably, it is moving towards a destination, small or big, profound or meaningful. All depends on how we view our life and how we define it.

Humans keep making efforts to reach a better place, become happier and live a life without regrets. Of course, that’s how it should be. These efforts must pay off to make our life wonderful and free of disappointments. Finally, when we are on our deathbed, we don’t have to carry the burden of unaccomplished dreams.

Somehow, I cannot fathom the attitude towards our life.

We act funny.

We panic about our future when there are abundant things we own in the present which need care and attention.

We forget, quite often, our experiences of this particular moment. Yet, we are eager to encounter those that are still in the future.

We are running so fast that we skip those steps that could impart meaning to our lives.

We deny the luxury of our precious time, to ourselves and to our loved ones.

Time is indispensable. Yet, it’s the only commodity that can make every moment worthwhile.

Call it an irony or cliché. But, little things that we build today will add to our future.

I think it’s not the future that worry us, like those dreams that are yet to be realized.

It is the lack of emotional fulfillment that affects us more. We feel an absence of real happiness in our daily lives.

The emotional fulfillment isn’t just about relationships. It also extends to things that are part of our life. What’s amusing is things that we consider important have become short lived. Whether it’s a relationship, physical health or our mental well-being.

In search of something bigger, wealth, success, position, or fame, many of us are not even aware of it, we ignore the indispensable parts of our lives.

We let go of beautiful relationships.

We disrespect our own body and mind.

And, that’s one of the reasons behind our discontentment.

While we cannot turn back the clock, we can certainly make things right from this moment onward.

We can nurture and strengthen the relationship that we deeply care. We can find out ways to love ourselves more and create an absolute state of happiness.

Lean on

To create deep, intense relationships, there is a cardinal rule.

You must learn to lean on

As much as it sounds simple, leaning on someone arise from trust. You lean because you trust the person.

Leaning on someone doesn’t mean dependency or liability.

When you trust the person wholeheartedly, you empower him or her.

The person feels respected and important.

And, trust me such feelings go a long way in creating a foundation that is unshakeable and unyielding.

Deep down, he understands that his thoughts matter to you. He can give nothing but an abundance of care, support and understanding.

Lean on because it has the power to create ripple effects.

Learn to trust

Lean on for advice even when you are aware of things.

Lean on for support because you are not strong alone.

Lean on for love because someone else has so much to give you back.

Lean on because you care for that person.

Lean on because you realize that this relationship is one of the few things that will enrich you, emotionally and spiritually.

Lean on because this is one of the ways to make things last forever…

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