Final Mile — Day 1 — Morning: My 15 year old breakfast and what we are building.

After getting home late last night after a big start to the Final Mile, I realised that my initial blog post did not indicate in anyway what it is we are working on. My bad, but this post will help to alleviate that for you all.

But first, my breakfast today was exactly what 15 year old me survived on many years ago and it was glorious! Needless to say, Martin was unimpressed.

15 year old me would be proud…

So, what are we building?

With both of us working in agile development daily as part of the Envato team in Melbourne we see each other each weekday and are usually on the same page with regards our work. Each day at 10am, we do a daily standup, and we cover what we are currently working on. For the uninitiated, daily standups are a way for each team member to talk about what they worked on the day previous, what they will be working on today and whether anything is blocking them. It works very well for teams in the same office/timezone, but can encounter issues when this is not possible.

At Envato we have quite a large remote workforce that don’t work in the office and more often than not, they are not located in our Melbourne timezone. This can at times prove difficult and so, with this project, we wanted to use our combined powers to create something that would allow us to bridge the gap with our remote working colleagues.

And so, with this in mind, we are building an asynchronous video application for remote workers that find timezones are impacting their ability to have regular standups. You may be thinking, “Are those guys building a time machine?” and you’d be right, because we are! (no, we are not…sorry).

Actually, it is a fairly simple concept where our app will allow a user to record a daily standup video at a time that suits them and share it with their team. Our application will gather all videos from all team members, collate them and share them with the entire team.

We hope this app will enable remote and office based workers to feel closer as a team.

That is it for now. I will post further updates shortly.