Final Mile — Day 1 — Morning: What the hell are we building and what’s in a name?

Martin and myself have been toying with this idea for a video application for a few months now actually and two things have come to light quite recently. They are, what exactly are we building and what do we call this thing so people understand it?

In my previous post I quickly shared what it is we are building, but even to me (the non-technical one), I don’t know exactly how to explain tell people what it is we are working on.

To overcome this, we did a quick activity this morning as part of the Final Mile to try and simplify this for everyone to ingest. Think of this as our one-liner or elevator pitch.

This is what we did….

Work shop it!

The very first thing we did this morning (after I ate my weight in coco-pops) was to workshop this idea of, what are we calling this thing, what exactly are we building and how can we simplify this for anyone we meet to understand.

Naming (and why it is important to us)

I never thought this would be the case, but not having a name or working title for this project is really hindering our progress. I was always of the mind that a name doesn’t matter until something is built, but perhaps this is not always the case. Definitely for us, the name is something we need to be able to say to people, “Oh, NAME is this application we built that does BLAH” and also, to aid in directing the product itself.

So the first thing we did this morning was to workshop the name of this thing by doing the following:

Writing things we felt related to our application
  1. Writing as many words on a whiteboard about what this application as we could think of.
  2. Choosing our favourite words from this bunch.
  3. Using these words to brainstorm some names for 10 minutes resulting in a list of names.
  4. Sneakily including a few names we had been toying with already into this list
  5. Sharing this list with our networks and you for some valuable feedback!

As per step 5, if you have time, please assist us by filling out this very quick survey of only 4 questions —

Refining our choices for a name!

What are we building and how can we simplify this?

Trying to explain this application to people has proven quite difficult, so we sat down to write out a one-liner that quickly tells anyone what it is that this application does.

In our heads, we understand what this is and what it does, but we need to be able to quickly and effectively tell others about what this thing is.

The application will allow users to update their teams, located around the world in different timezones about the work they have done the day before and will be doing today.

Here is an example of how our application will help remote workers: Martin and I are in a team together. Martin being German likes to work from home in Berlin. While I work from an office in Melbourne. Each day we would like to update each other on what we worked on the day before and what we will be working on today. so that we are both on the same page. Due to timezones, when it is 10am in Melbourne it is 11pm in Berlin, making it impractical for Martin to update me each day for for my chosen 10am standup. But, if Martin could record his standup at a time that suits him and some how have it get to me before 10am, this would be great. This is basically what our application will allow Martin and I to overcome.

For our first cut, this is what we came up with and asked for feedback on:

This application enables remote workers to update their team through video without the need to be online at the same time.

What do you think? Does it make sense? Does it leave you wanting to ask questions? Please let us know as we will refine this based on feedback.

Feedback =

Next up, landing page and drop shadows!