Final Mile — Day 2 — Completed

Well, we made it. Both of us are exhausted, but we have a name, a better understanding of the product we are building (and more importantly, how to explain this to anyone) and version 1.0 of the landing page to prove we did indeed complete some awesome things this weekend.

Sure, the copy needs work and the email sign up needs to be connected to MailChimp properly, but fuck it, we got something live in a little over 24 hours and I am pretty impressed with that.

A big thanks to my colleague Martin who provided me with entertainment when watching him struggle with PhotoShop, and busted his backside to put together a really clean landing page for us to show people.

Also, a big thanks to Adrian for organising the Final Mile, it was great! And another big thanks to all the other participants who were all lovely and willing to help and provide feedback at the drop of a hat. Best of luck with your ideas!

I will continue to post here on our progress, so I hope you will join us on this journey.

And don’t forget to check us out: