Final Mile — Day 2— Morning: Triathlons, logos and Landing page design (Part 2)

After not quite enough sleep (but yet another huge breakfast) I find myself in the courtyard of Envato HQ thinking about what we smashed out yesterday and what we need to complete in the coming hours. Martin is still making his way in as he has snuck in a triathlon this morning. We are quite the odd couple given I had heuvo rancheros for breakfast and cycled in a total of 3kms to get here today. (I am also eyeing off a coke in the fridge as part of 2nd breakfast*) and he is undertaking a triathlon.

Envato HQ

So at the end of yesterday we left around 8pm, exhausted, with Martin having a solid amount of the landing page designed and coded up and with me with most content ready to go and some great feedback to go over in the coming days.

I also had a bit of spare time (read: I got distracted) so I had a play around with a logo and also launched a second site for the total cost of $1.17AUD.

I am a big fan of the Noun Project and their style of iconography so I spent a few minutes searching for something we could possibly use as a logo for Outpost. I found an icon and started using Illustrator to make some slight alterations. Whilst doing this, I was spotted by the uber-talented Fiona Brand who enquired about what I was doing. After a quick explanation and her instant recognising my less than stellar Illustrator skills, she offered to help me tweak it.

Just now I received this, and it is pretty damn awesome:

Thanks Fiona!

Oh, and the $1.17AUD second site I launched was just the purchasing of a domain purely to set up a redirect for to the guy who recommended it as a suitable name. #rekt

*2nd breakfast is definitely a thing

The rest of the day

As for the rest of today, Martin will be working towards finalising the code for our landing page (including sign up forms) and I will begin work on some visuals for how the product itself will work, and hopefully have this as a working Invision prototype.

Updates may be slow today, as we have a lot to do in a short period of time, but I will attempt to do a wrap up post later today.

Thanks for all the support so far!

Matt and Martin