Things Men Have Said While Auditioning For Me
Allison Page

I like the image of men standing up in front of a woman who is in a position of power over THEM…and trying to do a “rape joke.” I’d love to see a skit about this on “Saturday Night Live.” My guess is that men only do them because they assume that when they tell the joke the “power” in the room will be make — either because most of the audience will be men or because the women in the audinience will be on dates and therefore not want to “cause a fuss” by walking out, protesting — or even not laughing at a rape joke. I was on a first date once, seeing Damon Wayans in a comedy club. Apparently, he’d just been through (or was still going through) a nasty divorce…and this extremely intelligent and talented man used his time on stage mostly to call women “cunts” and “bitches” and so forth. I paid $35 a ticket (plus 2 drink minimum) for THIS? IT was about 10 years ago and I would have gotten up and walked out — except I was on a date. I honestly didn’t know what to do — didn’t want to seem like I had no sense of humor…but LAUGH at such a disgusting open display of misogyny and personal dirty laundry?

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