3 Ways Mobile Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business

3 Ways Mobile Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business

The importance of mobile devices in human existence can neither be denied nor overemphasized. Since the emergence of the first set of mobile devices, there have been a lot of positive personal and economic advantages.

Over time, the usefulness of mobile devices advanced from just calls and texts to more complex tasks, brought about by the arrival of smartphones and tablets which have created a new world of opportunity for today’s businesses.

Companies that use mobile marketing successfully, agree that no other device in the history of technology has been as fundamental, personal, effective and powerful in consumers’ daily existence.

A lot of business owners are still trying to get the hang on mobile marketing to grow sales and revenues. You probably already have a mobile website and might have even explored creating a mobile app for your business. But after that, things may have come to a standstill.

Mobile marketing is birthed through mobile devices. These handheld devices have placed world information directly into the hands of consumers all day and night, providing multiple choices and affecting decision-making in ways we can’t even comprehend fully yet.

While I could go on about the usefulness of mobile marketing, let’s consider the ways to use mobile marketing to boost business.

#1. Delegation

Delegation is one way to use mobile marketing effectively. Liken it to a sports game of football where there’s a coach, assistants and players which include midfielders, strikers, goalkeepers etc.

A division of labor kind of. The truth is no man is an island. At some point, you will need help.

As an SME or a small scale business owner, you’re the head of your own business. The only thing is, many SMB’s don’t see the need for an assistant.

As the head of the business, you need to seek the services of assistants to help you with areas outside your expertise or that you just don’t have time for.

You might feel it’s best to do it yourself, being your passion and business. Nevertheless, the faster you can find someone you can trust and work with, the faster you’ll start seeing results with your mobile marketing efforts.

There’s so much to fix in mobile marketing hence the need for assistance. There should be division of labor which brings about perfection.

If you’re trying to play Jack of all trades, you might end up being master of none.

#2. Mobile paid search

It’s the era of smartphones and there are so many things these smartphones can do. Studies have it that over 50% of web searches are done via smartphones. The question now is whether you’re applying this advantage into your business.

A lot of technology companies, accounting firms and other B2B companies are going for mobile paid search with the knowledge that their competitors aren’t using it.

Are you using mobile paid search to attract prospects to your business? If not, you should start today.

The sweetest route in mobile marketing just happens to be mobile search. This is quite different from regular search because it appeals to prospects who are ready consumers and actively searching for a product or service.

Mobile Marketer reported a study from Google Indicating that 70% of all mobile searches result in action within the next hour.

#3. Mobile website and search engine optimizations

Use keywords that people will most likely search for in your content. The more you use location-based keywords on your mobile website or your mobile blog, the more you target the mobile visitor. This way, you end up directing customers to your business.

For instance, you run a fashion house where you sell, cut and sew clothing and materials. Asides using “fashion design” you might add “fashion designer”, “fashion shop”, “sewing materials”, “tailors shop” and so on.

Eventually, some of your clients will come by your office or shop for a visit. When they decide to, a significant percentage of them will first bother about your address.

Check your location out via Google maps on their smartphones. Surprisingly, many companies haven’t taken the time to confirm their listing in Google Maps or other local SEO platforms.

Bear in mind that consumers aren’t looking for in-depth company bios or details about your corporate philosophy. Their immediate interest is a quick answer about your street address, phone number or customer service department.

If you put any or all of the above factors to use, you’ll surely get a positive turnaround in your business.

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