Five Innovative Things You Can Use Your Drone For

There has been a sky-high rise in the use of drones this past year.

Drones are becoming popular not just in government — military or para military — but also amongst individuals, private companies and organizations who are beginning to venture into the use of drones for multiple purposes.

To a lot of people, drones definitely looks weird. But if they help the world become a better place, they have no qualms with that. Here are some innovative uses of Drones in the world today.

Drones in Agriculture

Drones are useful in so many aspects of Agriculture.

In Precision agriculture, they are used for irrigation purposes, on the spot treatment, and to cull out weak plants or animals by shining infrared lights into dark spots on the farmland.

In commercial farming, they can also be used to spot when nitrogen levels are low, or when disease affects farmlands. Shepherding is not left out. Cattle, sheep, and elephants can now be herded with the use of Drones.

For instance, in a situation where people are killing up to 20,000 elephants every year because of their damage to farmlands in Tanzania, drones are now being tested to help in herding elephants in the Tanzanian National Park.

Also, Drones are now used to find new lands, scout perfect planting areas, take crop inventories, and track failed crops in a fraction of the time it would have taken to do so without this technology.

Drones in Wildlife

This is similar to the use of drones in agriculture. Drones are an almost perfect machinery for monitoring, herding, and supervision because they are model aircrafts which enhances aerial view.

Using Kenya as a case study, consider the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, East Africa’s biggest black rhino sanctuary.

Here, Drones are set in auto-pilot mode and programmed to send in real-time digital videos, thermal imagery of animals and poachers. Such vital information enables the conservancy’s rangers to deploy a security team to the exact location of poaching.

In another example, the oceanic environmental activist group, Ocean Alliance, has notified the general public that they now use drones to collect whale blows (or snot) in monitoring their health. This eliminates the potential danger caused by conventional research processes which involve using a boat.

Aerial Footage

These quadcopters are useful for taking aerial footage of both natural and artificial structures from an aerial angle. Beautiful parks, resorts, reserves and the likes can be shot from the top to get pictures for personal and commercial purposes.

Drones in Delivery

A lot of hospital facilities, non-governmental health organizations, and rescue/relief teams now use drones to make express delivery of supplies — mostly for locations not easily accessible by road.

It’s also said that a company in Africa has been using drones to deliver food and medical supplies in villages where they’re needed. This is helping to get life-saving medication to remote villages at a faster rate.

Commercial online marketplaces such as Aliexpress and Amazon have also started using Drones to make deliveries. DHL is known to be the first commercial company to carry out delivery via a drone to a German pharmaceutical company. Just recently, Amazon posted advertisements for delivery drone operators in the UK.

Drones in Building and Construction

Drones are useful in mapping out areas, especially when fitted with high-tech surveying appliances. They can be used to quickly survey a plot of land, potentially saving a lot of time and labor during real estate, building or construction transactions.

There’s even an underwater model of drones — which is a small aquatic robot — that can scout out marine assets when conventional methods don’t come in handy.

Also, drones are becoming an important machinery for building and construction companies. In some parts of the world, engineers are using drones to weave simple buildings autonomously. These drones can weave either collectively or individually, while others manage to avoid the hanging ropes.

To take it further, some building companies are also using drones — experimentally — to assist in construction by scanning a building’s exterior.

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