5 Decisions for 2018

  1. Build a strong, consistent evening/morning routine that energizes me, focuses me and propels me toward my highest purposes each day.
  2. Earn my Project Management Professional (PMP) designation.
  3. Complete the 202-mile Seattle-to-Portland (STP) bike ride in 1 day.
  4. Stay focused on decisions 1–3
  5. Stay focused on decisions 1–3

What’s stopping me from completing each goal right now?

  1. Routine: Clarifying my “why” and defining the specifics I will commit to.
  2. PMP: Creating my own point-of-no-return commitment to getting it done by a specific deadline.
  3. STP: The lack of a cycling mentor, a specific training and preparation plan, setting aside the money in my budget to enter the event and the time on my calendar to train.
  4. & 5. Stay focused: All the “good” things that can suck up the time and energy needed to be true to the decisions I’ve made.

What I’ll need to do to keep each decision…

  1. Keep the routine simple & doable within the time constraints I have each day, allow for some variety to keep myself engaged, track it and celebrate success to keep myself motivated until it becomes a habit.
  2. PMP: Sign up & pay for the exam. Sign up and pay for the prep course. Schedule the time in my calendar. Do it.
  3. STP: Talk to my spinning instructor (who’s done the STP numerous times) about a mentor, a training and prep plan. Budget the money/time. Be ready to say “no” to a lot of good, lesser things so I can say “yes” to my training and keeping my decision.
  4. & 5. Learn to say “no” firmly and gracefully

Why each decision is important to me…

  1. I believe a strong morning/evening routine can elevate me to a higher level emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. From that higher level, I will understand, become and achieve more of what matters most to me.
  2. Earning my PMP represents a significant step for me professionally. I will have increased my skills and understanding, increased my ability to do excellent work. It also increases the credibility of the team I lead.
  3. Completing the STP in one day represents a “stretch goal” for me physically and mentally. In order to achieve it, I will have to train longer and harder than I have for any event in my life. I will need to be able to ride at a brisk pace for 12–14 hours and develop the aerobic capacity and muscle strength to do that.
  4. & 5. A wise man once said that having more than 3 priorities at once is the same as having no priorities. I want to ensure I put enough eggs in these 3 baskets to see all 3 through.