Ideas and Policy Matter: Why I’m endorsing Marco Rubio for President

When Jeb Bush dropped out of the presidential race on Saturday, he noted in his concession speech that “ideas matter; policy matters.”

I wholeheartedly agree. It’s the ethos I’ve tried to follow during my service in the State Legislature.

It’s also why I was an early supporter of Jeb. I long-admired his conservative record as Governor of Florida, particularly his work improving public education. In a campaign that often seemed like a reality TV show, I was impressed by the comprehensive, detailed, and thoughtful policy proposals that were central to Jeb’s campaign.

In fact, I became one of the leaders of Team Jeb here in Washington State. When he visited Seattle last fall, I hosted a policy discussion with him and legislators, GOP officials, and business leaders. I even flew to Alaska to gather the signatures necessary to put Jeb’s name on the ballot there.

Now the field is much narrower, and the stakes even higher. After considerable thought, I’ve decided to endorse Marco Rubio.

Like Jeb, Senator Rubio is incredibly intelligent and offers a compelling vision for conservative ideas and policies. His defense of the child tax credit in the last GOP debate illustrated the kind of thoughtful conservatism this country needs.

It is critical we elect a Republican president in 2016. President Obama’s reliance on executive orders demonstrates the importantance of having a Republican in the White House. And with the recent passing of Justice Scalia, and the potential retirement of other justices, the balance of the Supreme Court for a generation depends on this election. Poll after poll shows that Marco Rubio offers Republicans the best chance to defeat the Clinton Machine in November.

Lastly, Senator Rubio says he will grow the party, not divide it. He’s right. While Donald Trump was busy disparaging women, minorities, and disabled people on TV, Senator Rubio was campaigning in the Deep South alongside an African-American Senator and an Indian-American Governor. Here in Washington, we are poised to elect a Republican Governor and Republican legislative majorities in 2016. As a House Republican running for reelection myself, I would be proud to appear on the same ballot as Marco Rubio.

I hope you will join me in supporting Marco Rubio for President.

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