On Melancholy Hill

It’s always been an unfinished business between us
154 months passed and never I heard the reason why
I forgive you anyway. Long time ago.

Now that you’re around, and 1 week left

for the past 3 weeks I’ve been kind of avoiding so you don’t get some wrong impressions.
1 week left. We hang out more often

That Friday when I tried to find you under a glass of black russian
couldn’t find you and so I called
“I’ll come and I’ll drag you out from Boom Boom room” said he

One fact — we never went out from boom2 room
But I enjoyed your dance company you silly tall guy.

We decided to dragged out ourself out from boom boom room.
Nothing to do anymore so we talked about something that I didn’t remember

You tried to be a gentleman when you offer me a ride so I didn’t get caught in rain. But a ride to your place. So I said no.

Confused is the word. Tried my best to not give you the wrong impression. Guess I failed. Guess it’s just my natural

Not sure what’s behind this.
Tried my best to hold on.

That saturday.

You look charming and sleek in that white shirt. I wore black dress. Somehow we look match.
Neither bintang or black russian took me over.
Talking to you felt more enjoyable without them.
Get to know the newest version of you.
You said that if I’m turning vegan that we are officially a couple
You emphasized a question when I mention my ex boyfriend
“ex boyfriend? you mean me?”
not sure what that means.

We went to the boom boom room. Dancing. I watched you from far. You watched me from far.
We continued in our friend’s place.

You sat next to me.
You hugged me and hold me comfortably
It’s been a while since the last time I rest my head in your chest. And now I remember how nice it felt for me.

All of the sudden Albarn popped up in my head and whisper
’Cause you are my medicine
When you’re close to me
When you’re close to me

I joked around on how you should find a tinderella
You said you found one.

Genuinely happy for you yet a little disappointment happen at the same time. Weird.

And so you told me the story. and it’s the story on how we met.
You really know how to get me.
You start to hug me again and hold my hands

It seemed that you missed my smell so you kiss my hair.
I didn’t know how did you feel but I secretly hoping that you did this not to mess with me.

It’s 5 am and with your calm voice you asked if I wanna crash in your place.
Under my sleepiness, I forgot the word “no” is exists.
You lend me your shirt which I wore as a dress.
We have a nice pillow talk with andromeda as the background song.

Back to when it was cool
’Cause there’s no substitute
Who even knows the truth?
The truth, the truth

It was almost dawn.
I finished my pillow talk 
and immediately, you stole my kiss.

2 seconds after it’s just there. I let it out.

I would be lying to myself if I didn’t like it.
It felt new but also familiar.
I still have no idea what are you up to.
At the same time I just want to believe that you want me back.
On the other hand I know that expectation kills.

So what now?.

I don’t know what you’re up to.
Hope you won’t drive me crazy this time.
but after all
It’s always been an unfinished business between us.