The Truth About Quitting Your Job and Working Online

It’s the holy grail of following your passion. It’s the thing that people dream of as they go to sleep, and the thing they think of when they wake up. There are so many encouraging stories, but in reality it feels so far away. I am talking about quitting that dang job of yours, and focusing exclusively on your passion online. Guys like Pat Flynn and John Lee Dumas have interviewed countless success stories of people who have achieved this, and stories such as those get me and thousands of others fired up.

However, there is something that all of these success story podcasts and blog posts don’t tell you. They write traffic-collecting titles such as “I quit my job and now live in Tahiti making seven figures”, or “How I make six figures a year at home”. These may be absolutely true, and titles like this are an excellent way to attract readers. They don’t paint the whole picture, though, and that needs to stop. Behind the scenes, every instant success took years of hard work.

This is what the success stories do not tell you.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”, some people say. This quote rings more true than any other when you are talking about pursuing your passion full time. Whether it is a big promotion, owning your own business, or quitting your day job and working primarily online, it is going to take time. Saying this isn’t sexy, and it isn’t going to sell any books or online courses, but it is so true. To build something great, you must put in the time.

The name of the game in creating a “quit your job and work online” success story for yourself is perseverance and consistency. The rule of 10,000 hours doesn’t always apply, and there are many factors that contribute to how fast something takes off in the online or entrepreneurial space. No matter how long it takes however, if you stay persistent and consistent over the period of time, you will find success.

Perseverance is pushing on no matter what, even in the face of adversity. There may be no traffic at first, no sales, negative comments, or unsupportive family and friends, but if you have perseverance that will not matter. To get perseverance, you must love what you do. A common mistake I see is just trying to make some money, or break into

an easy niche. These people usually end up failing. If you want to be successful at something you start, it must be something you love. It doesn’t matter if the market is saturated, unsaturated, or doesn’t even exist. If you don’t love it, you won’t continue with it for years to come.

Consistency is also a critical component of success in following your passion. If you are online, you must be putting out consistent content for your audience, even if there isn’t one yet. If you are another business, be consistent in customer service and your services offered. No one pays attention to someone who isn’t consistent. To see how important consistency is, go to YouTube. Find a super-successful channel, but don’t look at the views on the new videos. Go all the way back to the first several months of inception. You will most definitely see a lower number of views, more awkwardness on camera, and worse quality of the content. However, all of these successful channels have done so by improving and being consistent in their publishing. Eventually people will find you, just be consistent and persevere.

This article will spark questions about how much time it will actually take to quit your job and work online. Questions such as this are why I don’t like generic “quit your job” articles. Situations are different for everybody, and finances definitely play a factor. If you have money saved up and feel relatively comfortable, I suggest quitting something you hate and pursuing something you love. However, I would never suggest quitting a stable job to someone brand new who is just trying to support their family. Each situation is unique, and must be addressed carefully instead of recklessly.

The last point on the truth about quitting your job and working online is an important one. Do it yourself. You can’t

depend on someone else’s story to become your own, and you can’t copy someone’s success and end up in the same boat as them. Each person has their own journey, and must discover the paths they need to take themselves. In the future, I will do an article on the Hero’s journey, and how it can help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

So what is the truth on this subject? The truth is that the holy grail is called the holy grail because it is hard to find. Getting to the point where you can quit your job and work online full-time in your passion takes a long, long time. Trust me, the journey is worth it, and the end goal will be too I am sure. Behind every success is an incredible amount of perseverance, consistency, self-discovering, and time.

To conclude, I just want to make sure you are not discouraged by this article, but that you are fired up. Learn as you go, and become a better version of yourself. Follow the steps I have laid out, and don’t forget to keep your focus on the goals you have.