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I am pleased to share that we have achieved another breakthrough regarding the criteria for JobKeeper. If you are post-revenue and have suffered from the crisis, then please, please, please make sure you have registered as JobKeeper is for you!

The first tranche of alternative eligibility tests for the JobKeeper programme have now been signed into law. Full details are available on the ATO website:

I’ve put together a summary of the three categories that would most likely apply to you:


Businesses that commenced within the prior 12 months will qualify for JobKeeper if their turnover has declined by 30% compared to…

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30 March 2020. Over the last few weeks, Stone & Chalk has submitted a range of submissions to the Australian Government to improve support to the innovation industry. Some of these submissions were in train prior to the current COVID-19 crisis. However the crisis has prompted a more urgent review of the sector — it is no longer about strengthening the sector but now more about survival and recovery. We are urging the Government to recognise that irrespective of the challenges we face, strong employment growth comes from companies driving higher complexity to achieve better supply chains.

Australian Innovation Collective

Stone & Chalk is a key member of The Australian Innovation Collective which has been formed urgently to allow the innovation ecosystem to speak with one voice to Government. …

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Dr Rob Pearlman, Stone & Chalk Sydney resident and founder of Medapps has some thoughts he’d like to share on COVID-19.

First, some definitions. The disease is called COVID-19, and the virus is called SARS-CoV-2 (SARS like coronavirus 2). It shares many similarities to the SARS virus, but is a bit less deadly (SARS was close to 10%), trading this attribute for higher infectivity, which it achieves by having a bit longer incubation & slightly less symptoms — fever was common in all SARS cases, but only appears in about 77% of COVID-19 cases.

As you all know, the Government’s response has escalated significantly over the weekend of 14–15 March 2020, implementing many measures that will affect our lives for a while. …

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