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Six months after beginning at JOUST, Adam Gilbert is going through the recruiting process all over again — only this time he’s doing the hiring. As the Customer Success Manager, he is in charge of building his own team to help him continue to deliver high standards as the business grows. This is Adam’s startup story.

Jack of all trades

Working for a startup means I’m exposed to all facets of the business, and although it’s a steep learning curve, I’ve found it refreshing. Within six months of starting, I’ve been involved with tech, marketing, digital marketing, and product. Before working here, I’d never really been exposed to marketing or digital marketing, and it’s definitely been a learning curve, but everyone is accommodating. There are no dumb questions, and I love that I can call on my teammates for expert support. Problems which big companies leave to particular departments startups put in front of the whole team. Fresh eyes from different backgrounds see the same problem differently, often leading to innovative problem-solving. Everyone can comfortably question traditional ways of dealing with the situation. The result is a rapid growth in knowledge — my marketing, product and tech understanding, has grown exponentially. I now have tangible skills in those disciplines.

Close to the action

Whilst it can be a little daunting, it’s exciting to be put in charge of impactful decisions. It’s empowering to know that you have the business’s backing. To have that support and trust is very cool. It’s a level of freedom which isn’t accessible in bigger corporate workplaces where every little decision needs to be processed and approved by numerous levels and departments. In that environment, it’s rare for your decisions to be realised. But in a startup, you’re close to the action, something I find very encouraging; calling the shots and seeing the tangible impact my decisions have is rewarding. It’s not something you get exposure to in bigger companies, you really have the opportunity to have an impact on the big decisions of the business.

Open, honest collaboration

Being able to bounce ideas around with people from different specialties makes working in a startup a highly collaborative experience. It creates an open culture that encourages people to share their thoughts, and ask questions without worrying about being judged as ‘silly’ or ‘stupid’. And whilst not all ideas eventuate, there is no fear around sharing different ideas. I’m not saying the startup work environment is for everyone; some do prefer to specialise in a particular space, but I’ve found the work’s dynamic nature exhilarating.

What does the future hold for Adam?

So six months into his role as Customer Success Manager, Adam and JOUST aren’t slowing down anytime soon. He is looking forward to continuing his growth with the business as it evolves into the future. We’re excited to hear Adam has been able to find autonomy, new skills, and a close-knit team whilst simultaneously accelerating his career. Adam’s excited, JOUST is excited, and we’re excited to see what the next six months hold.

Adam’s Pivott journey is one of many. Is it time for you to begin yours? If you’re interested in pivotting your career, check out our Pivott program. It’s got all the tools and resources your need to put you on the right path. And the best part? It’s free!

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About Pivott

Pivott empowers Australians with the right skills, tools and mindset when seeking career opportunities in a startup or scale-up. Made available free of charge, the Pivott program includes the Pivott StartSmart Academy, Pivott Jobs Platform, Pivott Events, Pivott Mentor Program, and more. Pivott is a national program which is being launched in Victoria, in partnership with LaunchVic.

Explore the Pivott program here.

Pivott Events

Free expert talks, interactive workshops, and immersive experiences to support professionals in their career journey into startups and scale-ups. These events feature employers, startup and scale-up leaders and industry experts, to set job seekers up with success.

Learn more and register to Pivott Events.

Pivott StartSmart Academy

A free, 12-module, online course designed to support professionals from their first job application to their first week. The course is self-paced and accessible 24/7, and includes video case studies with real founders, startup employees and industry experts.

Learn more and sign up to Pivott StartSmart Academy.

Pivott Jobs Platform

A platform which matches professionals to startup and scale-up opportunities based on technical and transferable skills. It allows job seekers to access exclusive startup and scale-up roles. It also enables startups and scale-ups to save time on their recruitment process through shortlisted candidates using the Pivott Jobs Platform for free.

Learn more and register for the Pivott Jobs Platform.

Pivott Connect

A personalised program that offers 1:1 mentoring, connecting startup and scale-up leaders with high-calibre corporate leaders looking to transition into the startup ecosystem. Pivot Connect aims to help grow and enrich the talent pool within Australian startups and scale-ups. It provides a supportive platform to enable corporate leaders to bring their depth of industry knowledge and experience to the startup sector.

Learn more and apply to Pivott Connect.

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