Interested in working for a startup or scale-up but keen to know a little more before you pivott? We interviewed Adam Gilbert, who recently pivotted his career into a startup. This is his Pivott Story.

Popular culture loves to romanticise the idea of working in a startup. So it can be tricky to gauge what it is really like to work day-in-day-out in that environment. If you’ve been wondering — am I the kind of person that would flourish at a startup or a corporate? This article is for you.

Simon Costello, Co-Founder & CEO of Frankie Financial & Allen Clennar in a mentoring session

Barbara Sharp, Co-Founder & CEO of Pax Republic & Tim Offor, Co-Founder & CTO of Pax Republic
Louie Psaroulis, Director at IDS & Mike Thanos, Co-Founder & COO at IDS

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