How The Retirement Community Industry Has Evolved Over Time

Retirement Community For Elders

Retirement communities have gone beyond the nursing homes of the yesteryear's. We’ve listed what you can expect from the today’s retirement community industry.

There was a time when seniors only had nursing homes or old age homes to look at after retirement. Over the years, the retirement community has gone beyond these nursing homes. Today the industry has evolved into levels and types of designated senior living arrangements that are covered by the category of senior housing. Unlike nursing homes, modern retirement living facilities have everything to let the seniors live a wonderful life.

So are todays senior living facilities different from their yesteryear’s counterparts?

Let’s have a look:

Different Types of Accommodation Have Been Introduced:

Retirement Community Eating Hall

Retirement living communities like assisted living are designed for seniors who are still active. They provide accommodations of their choice which ranges from regular apartment complexes to a single room facility. Such choices in accommodation weren’t thought of for a budget conscious seniors decades ago.

The living spaces are designed according to the convenience of the seniors. Most assisted living communities have cupboards, high toilets and shower seats to support senior’s daily activities. Walkers and wheelchairs are basic services available also.

Availability of Basic to Luxury Services:

Senior sitting on Luxurious Sofa

Nowadays, independent living facilities offer many amenities and services according to the budget and needs of seniors. Meals and housekeeping are the most basic services. The other services include satellite TV, internet, Wi Fi access, dementia care, gyms and social interaction session. In fact, some assisted living facilities have started providing financial banking to its residents. You can also find transportation at some facilities. Many senior living communities provide beauty/nail salons, barber shops, and gardens with walking paths to provide a nice clean outdoor environment for the residents to enjoy.

Role of Technology Has Become Important:

Seniors with Updated Technology

Digitalization of senior living facilities has been one of the key transformations in recent years. It not only streamlines the admin tasks, but also improves the life of residents. Seniors are encouraged to use devices like iPad and laptop. More than 70% of senior living facilities in the nation own automated equipment, electronic medical records and point of care. This equipment enhances security and efficiency in taking care of resident’s health information.

It Has Become More Open Towards Sexual Orientation and Religion:

Communicative Seniors

There has been rise in religious affiliated communities and social groups for LGBTQ residents over the past 10 years. These communities are liberal towards the residents who don’t live by the same values, they do offer an accepting and enriching atmosphere where like-minded adults can develop a cordial relationships and feel comfortable.

Over the years the retirement community industry have changed for the better. These changes are welcome as long as they cater to the needs of the seniors.