Essential Things to Look for While Visiting Your Parents

Are you planning to visit your elderly parents this holiday? While you’re spending quality time with them, take the opportunity to make sure they are living well. Watch how your parents are managing themselves on their own while living away from you. Maybe they are taking care of themselves, or maybe they’re not. Maybe they require some changes in lifestyle to live independently. Is your dad walking unstable? Are they feeling safe? Does Mom take her medication on time? Does the house need paint? These things not only make you feel curious, but can also make you overwhelmed.

Use your visit as an opportunity to make sure they are living safely and comfortably. Here are things you should watch for.

How is Their Domestic Life?

You want to see if the house they are living in is safe and clean for them. What does the house look like? Is it neat or does it needs to be de-cluttered? Are appliances working right? Is the lighting arrangement proper? What about the mail? Are there unpaid bills?

Does their home need to be cleaned or repaired? If your parents have mobility issues, you could consider hiring a caregiver to cook meals or other household chores, even help them pay their bills.

What about Their Physical and Mental Health?

From their physical appearance to their mental state, there are lots of things to look for to know about the overall health of your parents.

· How do your parents look?

· Are they taking care of themselves?

· How much weight have they lost?

· Is there any change in their behavior?

· Can they walk without any problems?

· Do they have good memory?

· Are they forgetting or repeating things?

· Do they seem confused?

If some of these observations are concerning, you should consider hiring physician or care specialist. Consider using medication management products so that they can keep track of their medication dosage. There are many pharmacies which can deliver them their required medication.

Do They Drive?

You’ll also want to know how your parents commute. Do they have vehicle? If so, is it in good shape? Is there fuel in the tank?

Because unfit driving can lead to accidents or injuries, you must know how they drive. If you are beginning to doubt their ability to drive well, you may want to consider arrangements.

Do They Have Other Family or Friends Nearby?

You don’t want to see your parents passing their days in isolation. See if they have friends who visit them. When they’re home, do they connect with family or the outside world via phone, internet and/or Facebook?

In this scenario, you can help them overcome their loneliness by providing them a smart phone or computer so that they connect to you, their friends and loved ones.

This should help give you an idea how they are living and how you can do better for them. It’s important to make sure your elderly parents are taken care of so they can live their golden years to their fullest.