How To Pick The Right Assisted Living Facility in St. Louis?

Seniors in assisted living

Looking for an assisted living facility in St. Louis, Missouri? If so, we think these steps will help you pick the best one.

St. Louis is one of the spectacular cities in Missouri. Located along the Mississippi River, the city houses popular attractions like Gateway Arch, Forest Parks, Science Center, Museums and Botanical Gardens.

The city is also known as a popular retirement destination due to a wide range of assisted living facilities available according to budget and lifestyle.

If you are living near St. Louis, it is a great decision to pick senior living for your beloved aged ones.

You can explore elder living options in St. Louis, Missouri, ranging from assisted living to nursing homes and independent living to Alzheimer’s care.

Given that the city has a plethora of retirement communities, choosing the right one for your elders can be overwhelming and exhaustive as well. Things to consider are your budget, elder’s needs, and facilities.

Here are some things to look for while choosing an assisted living facility in St. Louis.

Explore Several Communities:

Explore Communities

Exploring communities will give you a good picture of facilities and prices. Although it may take some work, it will be beneficial in the long run. Ask your friends and family for a reference. You can explore the retirement communities over internet where they are generally available with feedback.

Shortlist a few of them and start visiting them. You can bring your elders with you so that they can be a part of the decision making process.

Check If Staff Members are Caring:

Caring Staff

On your visit, see how the staff behaves with the residents. Are they caring? Are they available on the call of a resident? Is the number of staff members sufficient to take care of the residents in the facility? Are they satisfied with the job? Are they available throughout the day?

You can also get a few of the residents’ feedback about the staff members. If you think the staff is okay, you can ponder over the facility. Otherwise, it would be worth moving to other facilities.

Check Facilities and Services:

Seniors Exploring Facilities

Checking services and facilities is something you can’t afford to skip while choosing assisted living.

What are their services? What are the types of accommodations available? How many times do they provide meals or offer additional meals? Can residents cook meals on their own?

Do they provide TV and Internet? Is there a cafeteria?

Do they organize social events? Do they have shared rooms or separate rooms?

Do they provide medical care? Do they care for persons with serious illnesses like Alzheimer’s?

Do they provide assistance with daily life activities?

Make sure to know your aged adult’s requirements before determining which services are important.

What About Their Costs?

Senior with doctor

Many assisted living facilities in St. Louis have predetermined costs for additional services while others include them in their monthly fee. If the elders can manage with basic facilities like accommodation, food, and care, they may not need additional services. Besides, see if your state’s program like Medicaid covers the cost of assisted living expenses.

These are the things you should ponder over while choosing an assisted living facility in St. Louis.