How Pet Therapy Work For Older Adults?

Pet Therapy for Seniors

From easing your anxiety and stress to improving your health, pet therapy does a range of wonders to older adults.

How do you feel in the company of your pets?

You tend to forget your worries when you play with your adorable dog. The cuteness of your cat helps you overcome your stress and anxiety. In simple words, spending time with your pets makes you feel better, especially when you age.

This is why pet therapy is beneficial for seniors who are living alone and hesitate to mix up with others. Also known as Animal Assisted Therapy, it is a broad technique involving interactions that patients have with animals to make them feel better.

Many studies have proved that interacting with pets can ease blood pressure, speedy heart rate and stress. Pets give emotional stability during stressful events, minimizing anxiety and depression.

A recent study by NPS has revealed that pets have been “demonstrated to improve human cardiovascular health, reduce stress, decrease loneliness and depression, and facilitate social interactions among people who choose to have pets”. The study further stated that interaction with pets decreases anxiety levels and stress.

Many assisted living facilities have introduced pet therapy to promote health and healing for seniors having depression, disease or ongoing disabilities.

Improving Their Quality of Life:

Pet ownership is beneficial for both physical and mental health of an aged adult. Walking with a dog is equivalent to cardiovascular workout which translates into your physical fitness. On the other hand, getting busy in their caring and grooming tasks like feeding, brushing and bathing gives you pleasure.

Decreasing Anxiety and Loneliness:

Senior with Pet

Having a pet can also improve your cognitive health. Aged adults often feel isolated, depressed, stressed and dejected when they live alone or when their spouse passes away. They lost the meaning of the life. In this scenario, pets can be a great help as they keep them engaged. They provide them company, entertainment, affection and a sense of purpose and responsibility. You are likely to forget worries and stress while playing with your pets or caring for them.

Affecting Your Health Positively:

Besides improving your mental health, pets help you take care of your physical health. For example; walking with a dog is good opportunity to take a stroll of the park. They keep you active when you play with them. The increased physical activity is rewarding as it burns your cholesterol and balances your blood pressure and levels of cholesterol.

Increasing Your Social Interaction:

Pet enjoying with senior

When you walk with a dog, you happen to come across like minded people. Expanding a social circle is good for seniors living alone.

Bottom Line:

Pet therapy makes aged adults feel better and relaxed. So, if you haven’t owned a pet yet, you should do it to reap the benefits of a pet therapy. Make sure to consult with your doctor if you are allergic to pets or furs.