Strategy: hiring a user researcher

Dave Hora
Dave Hora
Jun 11, 2018 · 11 min read

Richard Rumelt’s “Kernel of Good Strategy” (see: Good Strategy, Bad Strategy)

1. The challenge at hand

PlanGrid in the field, well into the construction process

2. Our approach

I. Respect candidates like they are a part of the team

II. Look for mutual growth

III. Set candidates up for success

IV. Leverage our strengths and personality

3. Following through

1. Identify clear, criteria for success in the role.

2. Set up an efficient and thorough hiring process.

3. Convene a hiring council with the Field team to kick off the role.

our simple Hiring Council Kickoff agenda

4. Work as a team to coordinate with candidates directly.

5. Share our approach for hiring a researcher.

war stories in the field

Dave Hora

Written by

Dave Hora

Designer, researcher, jiu-jitsu fighter, +

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