That day…

Scene One: Prefix

It was 9 on this Sunday morning. The boys had just woken up. It had been a strangely pleasant night- summed up by the fact that two of them ended up on the bed- lying straight as arrows; while the third had taken to the couch. After the night-out, waltzing around from club-to-club, the plan was to explore Chicago by the day today.

Brief goodbyes were exchanged as we parted ways with Raman, the couch guy. Just before we headed out, we briefly listened to the Fragile record by Yes- side two, on the turntable. It felt good. We then started our journey by boarding bus number 152- heading eastwards towards Lakeshore. Little did we know what was in store…

Scene Two: Addison and Clark

The journey on 152 was largely spent in recounting what had been and what may have been over the last 24 hours. Shishir was slowly warming up to the notion that the country was not a bad place to live after all. Forty five minutes later, we stepped out on Addison and Clark. We turned around and looked at Wrigley field. It looked like a circus venue- red, white and blue adorning the industrial facade. Not to forget the large banners of its showmen, baseballers from past and present. Maybe the Cubs wanted it to resemble one. I described the Windy City Showdown to Shishir- the top billed annual carnival in these parts. As we walked down Clark observing the row of pubs, we imagined how the place would look when packed with South and North siders. A few minutes later, we passed a liquor store, to quickly realize a mutual craving for a smoke. We retreated and picked up a pack of Camel Turkish Gold- mellow as you’d like. When it came down to lighting the fag, we made sure that public smoking was permitted- the proposition of getting caught in the middle of a hot and busy Clark, was an offense worth its dime in ludicrousness. Continuing down on the street, we were at the behest of weird glances from strangers- ranging from the slow moving geezers to uber-fit runners. Smoking, fashionable? blàh la mode! Courtesy dictated that we stop walking while smoking- and we duly obliged. Stubbed out, we moved on.

A sign that we picked up in the next sixty seconds, would turn our day upside down..

Scene Three: Gratitude

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