Stellaris: Drones #1

Log 500305 of Terran alliance message.
One of One uncorrupted files in station Orion. Voice file. 
The voice is of a Woman with a slightly high pitched voice. She talks slow enough to make her words clear even though some thuds can be heard behind her.
The Drones seem to be doing well in their new home. They have called the planet earth and the solar system sol. We do not know whether something went wrong in their prison of a world or rather they envy us. They seam very weak and do not stray far from their hives. It must also be known when Hives are mentioned it means living areas. Although their fertility is something we have never seen in other species. They give birth to twenty four at a time at most and at least they {:]e .”#th to Fif$%)n. 
To their chosen ecosystem we have found a Gaia planet with many artifacts from our failed colonization’s. It seems the planet itself is slightly alive but we can not study it as much now then before.

Their growth has skipped all stages before the space age but they control their growth unwilling to expand without “our” permission. It seems they truly think of us as someone to admire. But we are not allowed to disturb them past the guidelines. Although from their bug like appearance their kind of cute in a way. 
Sighing of Lila Reveros of science ship Alpha 
As the message ends a new voice can be heard. All words are in clicks and thuds. With the occasional screech. The translator reads. “This is the only message we have of the humans. Our saviors, OUR MASTERS ARE GONE! We must find them to make sure we make sure they are safe. If they are we shall go back to being as they wish. If they are not we shall fight whatever they are fighting. WE will be the ones who help them. Drones. That name was given to us. WE WHERE NOTHING TILL THEY CAME! WE now have a name. WE are one because of them. But we can also have our own emotions. DRONES JOIN THE CAUSE AND SAVE OUR MASTERS!