Let’s Kill all the Men

There are roughly 100,000,000 women who are pregnant in the world at any given time.

So if men won’t learn, if they won’t stop mansplaining, if the patriarchy must die, we should just kill all of them and raise a generation of new, pure bloods.

I’m signing up for this. Join me. We’ll have beers and smoke joints in heaven and see how things turned out to be. Women are welcome too.

Wait, let’s just kill all the feminazis instead.

Feminism is about equality.

Women need it more today than men.

Men could be potential allies in the movement; they could be influencers, we could use their position in the society (the patriarchy you hate so much) to influence other men. But for that to happen, feminazis must stop hating on every single one of them.

You guys are sabotaging the whole plan.

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