Grow your Cannabis the Right Way | Know How

The seemingly illogical age of outdated assumptions and prejudices about cannabis is slowly giving in to science and logic. Marijuana use is proliferating very day. Research in the USA states that over 10 million of its citizens smoke pot daily. And with this increase in its demand, people are growing it themselves.

Having said that, an obvious question arises, then why are so many newcomers going wrong with growing cannabis plants? Maybe it is because of the lack of awareness of weed growing.

Here, get a complete guide to growing the best quality weed.

a)Cannabis loves light!

Yes, it’s a fact. The first rule about growing marijuana is ensuring the right amount of light. It produces its food with the help of photosynthesis. Hence you need enough amount of light source for its optimum growth. If growing it outdoors, you will need to make certain that it receives enough sunlight all round the clock.

But, if you have sown the seeds indoors, use artificial but powerful lights to replicate the sun. LED lights, fluorescent lights, and metal halides can be your options. Consider choosing a 250 watts/m² at the initial stage and increase it as per the growth. But remember, placing the plant too near to a lamp can damage it.

With this, you will not even need to capture a time lapse video to observe the plant’s growth. With your naked eyes, you can see the plant growing up to 2 inches every day!

b)It is a hungry plant.

And thirsty too! Whether you’re growing the plants on clay pebbles, rock wool, soil or a hydroponic system, cannabis plants need a good amount of feeding every day. It will need essential nutrients for the roots to grow deep and strong.

The quality of water used should be 100% pure and chemical free. Anything otherwise might do more harm than being a growth stimulant.

Numerous fertilizers and nutrients are available in the market. These are to be diluted with water and never to be used directly. Also, one should strictly follow the labels and never give in to the newbie’s temptation of feeding or watering more than the recommended level.

c)Keep the plant humid.

The recommended level of humidity for growing the best quality weed strain is between 50% and 70% with a temperature ranging from 20®C to 25®C. During the growth period marijuana plants require a higher level of humidity than the flowering period.

The quality of leaves, flowers, and seeds depend upon this humidity factor. You can start with a humid setting of 70% and lower it each week by 5 until it is 40%. The Relative Humidity (RH) can be measured with the help of a hygrometer.

d)Let the plant breathe!

Your chosen environment must be properly ventilated. It means having a balanced and consistent circulation of O₂ and C0₂. If you have opted for an indoor area, you can ensure a good circulation with regular table fans or stand fans at a moderate speed.

Growing cannabis is not a big challenge. It can grow fast if kept under favorable conditions. If grown the right way, these homegrown stashes are any day better than the stuff sold on streets.


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